We Are One

**Another Avengers Fanfic** After the battle in New York, everything seemed okay, right? WRONG! There is another evil brewing, and she is the daughter of the infamous, Loki. The two people that can help the Avengers stop Loki's daughter aren't Avengers at all; They are actually children of some of the Xmen.
***Video is from youtube and it's creator is chileboam, NOT ME***


1. One

*Bayville, New York... X-Mansion Danger Room*

I stood there lost in thought as my friends and I ran around the infamous Danger Room. The object of this training exercise is to get out without a scratch. That was working out until two from my team and two from the opposing team got hurt, so now my team consisted of, me, Ghost and Mira. I clutch the paintball/pellet gun close to my chest, waiting for the signal from Ghost. I hear three shots and I see Mira dragged from the training room by Max and Hellian, but where's Shotgun and Ghost? 

"GO, BUCK, GO!" I hear someone shout. I  look to my left see Ghost engaged in hand to hand combat with Shotgun. I could run to the door and make it out of here "alive" or I could help my best friend. "Fuck this." I say to myself and rush to help Ghost. Ghost is on his knees, panting like a dog as Shotgun stands over him. I drop the pellet gun and run full force, claws and everyting. I shout and Shotgun snaps his attention towards me. I tackle Shotgun and we wrestle on the floor. Shoutgun pins me to the ground with his right knee in my back.

"Think your smooth, Buck? I don't think so.". I feel something or someone rip Shotgun away from me. I sit up and find Dad, holding Shotgun by his neck. Dad growls,"Never let me catch you trying that again.". Shotgun nods and then Dad releases his grip. I stand up and brush some "dust" off of me. The others that were training come back into the room.

"Listen up! I don't want to repeat myself. Fury is coming in a few weeks to pick the most elite two from the X-men. You have the rest of the day to figure out if your good enough. Dismissed." Dad says with an authoritative voice. Everyone else leaves except Ghost and myself. He says, "That was an order I gave earlier, Buck. Why'd ya disobey it?". I snap, "Because Shotgun would've severely hurt you. We don't need members like you in the infirmary when we're fighting and training, Samuel.".

Ghost looks at me, then I realize what I called him, I called him by deceased brother's name. "Fuck." I mumble under my breath, then I run to my room. Once inside I "lock" the door and collapse on my bed. I can't believe I called my best friend by his brother's name. 

---Flash Back-----

Samuel, Ghost and I lie in wait. This was the second or third mission of the year and the three of us were picked to lead it. We're supposed to gather intel on the Sentinel Program and rescue some other Mutants that were captured. 

"X1 to X2, come in X2". I say over the com device, "X2 here. What going on, Wolverine? Sounds like hell has broke loose". My Dad/Wolverine says, "All hell has broken loose, X2. Get your asses in there, this is the distraction you've been waiting for.".

I say to High Fire (Samuel) and Ghost, "Les go, boys. The party has just begun.". High Fire and Ghost put on their best coyote smiles and then the three of us rappel down the roof of the building we were waiting on. Once on the ground High Fire melts the hinges off of a secret door. We silently run through the corridors, dodging the MRDs and other Mutant hating staff.

"In here." High Fire whispers. Ghost and I nod, then we enter a room with computers. I slide three zip drives from my cargo pants pocket. I hand one to Ghost, one to High Fire and keep the last one from myself. I whisper, "We got 'bout ten minutes, let's get this shit done and get the hell outta here.". Ghost and High Fire nod, then set two work. Eight minutes later we're running to the cell block to recsue Ghost and High Fire's dad, Gambit. Once freed Gambit runs with us to the extraction point.

"Halt in the name of the MRD.".  In front of us is a guy that's about my age. We stop, but without warning I'm hit with a bullet in the shoulder. I mutter, "Son of a bi-.". High Fire looks at me with concern and says to Ghost, "Take care of my girl, Little Brother. NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE.". The last thing I see is High Fire fighting off 50 MRD agents. In my mind I'm screaming, 'No, No, Sammy, No.'. 

------End Of FlashBack----

I stand up and head over to my dresser, on top of it is; A picture of Samuel and I before he died, a picture of Samuel, Ghost and I at the lake, Samuel's dogtags he wore as apart of his costume and his fingerless gloves.

------Flash Back----

Ghost and Gambit pulled me away from the MRD agents and High Fire's fight. I spin out of their grips and run back into the fight yelling, "Mors Ex Tenebris!" and "Fortuna Favet Fortibus!". I get the attetion of some of the MRDs. I take them out with my S.C.A.R.S training, but there's still 15-30 more surrounding High Fire. Once more I shout, "Mors Ex Tenebris!". The fight doesn't last long enough. I turn to High Fire and see him slumped against the wall.

"No, Sammy. Come on, please, Sammy.". He let's a small moan escape his lips and he cluthches his left side. I can feel the tears threatening to fall from my eyes as I help him up and half drag him, half run.  I shout to Gambit as I pass them, "CONTACT X1 NOW!" and to Ghost, "CONTACT XB1.". XB1 is the Mansion. I load High Fire in the front passenger seat of my truck as Ghost and Gambit hop in the bed (it's a two door truck).  I step on the gas and speed like a bat outta hell.

*Twenty Minutes later*

I'm sitting there in the waiting room of the infirmary, scared to know the fate of one of my friends and...my boyfriend. Ghost is pacing back and forth, mumbling to himself. Rogue and Gambit are sitting opposite of me and Rogue is crying. I lean my head back and pinch the bridge of my nose. Professor X comes in with Storm, Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Dad. He says, "I have some very depressing news. High Fire has died from his injuries he received in battle. I am very sorry Rogue, Gambit and Ghost, but I am more sorry, Buck, for you. I knew how close you two were.". I solemly nod. Dad then says as he's handing me High Fire's dogtags and gloves, "Before High Fire passed, he wanted you to have these, Bri." then to all of us, "You guys don't have to come to the debriefing later. Just do what you want to do.". With that I take off for my room, clutching High Fire's gear to my chest. I open the door, shut it, and lock it. I place High Fire's stuff on my dresser with the pictures then I slide down my door and begin my breakdown.

------End Of FlashBack------

I realize I'm sitting exactly where I was when...I shake my head at that thought. I get up once more and head to my dresser, I pull out; a blue sleeveless shirt, a pair of knitted shorts, and some other clothes. I head into my personal bathroom and strip my jumpsuit off. I turn on the hot water to where it's scolding hot, and get in. About thirty minutes later I lay there in my bed. I drift off to sleep.

I feel someone shaking me awake and shouting, "Britteny! Britteny.". I wake up to Ghost sitting on my bed. I sit up and bury my face in his shirt. I whisper, "I'm sorry, Ghost, I'm a fucking idiot.". He just rubs my back and says, "Not your fault" over and over again.

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