We Are One

**Another Avengers Fanfic** After the battle in New York, everything seemed okay, right? WRONG! There is another evil brewing, and she is the daughter of the infamous, Loki. The two people that can help the Avengers stop Loki's daughter aren't Avengers at all; They are actually children of some of the Xmen.
***Video is from youtube and it's creator is chileboam, NOT ME***


4. Four

*(A/N) In this chapter Ghost and Buck go and get tattoos, then Fury picks two people from the Xmen*

*Still Ghost's POV*

Buck and I set there in the hammock, taking turns playing songs on the guitar. Logan comes out a few minutes later. He says, "Beast wants to see you.". Buck and I nod, then head back into the library. We sit in some chairs and wait for Beast. About thirteen minutes later he walks in. Logan, Mom and Dad join us. Beast says, "Well the results came back.".  I grab Buck's right hand with my left, why I don't care, but she doesn't say anything.

"The results came back and you both can see ghosts." to me Mom and Dad he says, "Rogue, Gambit , take Ghost somewhere I need to speak with Britteny and Logan alone.". Buck tightens her grip on my hand, what the he-, that's when I heard the CRACK noise, then the pain hit. Buck looks at me, then to my hand. She releases her grip, jerking her hand back. I begin cradling my hand, still wondering what the hell happened.

"Britteny not only can see ghosts, she can dream walk, control fire with her mind, water too. She has premonitions, telekinesis,  she can even understand any language and as young RJ just found out, super strength, and.....". My mind is either spinning from questions or from the pain. Buck leans over the arm of her chair and I try to move. I feel like I'm trapped like a roadrunner, which by the way the cartoon one can't be trapped, so yeah. She places her hand back on my broken/fractured one, and closes her eyes. 

My muscles tense and then immediately relax. I look over to Buck and...shit, her face is twisted with pain. Logan shouts at Beast, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?". I see Buck's muscles relax and she slumps in her chair, breathing heavily. Beast says to me, "Flex your hand, RJ. I need to see something.". I flex my hand, and surprisingly there's no pain. Beast mumbles, "Intresting, I know healing is common, but healing and wound transferal completely amazing. What other aspects of healing does she have?".  

Logan asks Beast, "Does she still have the same healing as me?". Beast looks up from a chart and says, "Huh? Oh yes, Logan, she still has the healing you have, but her's is some how advanced.".

*Buck's POV*

*(Let me recap really quick; one, I broke Ghost's hand, two I have more powers than the normal claws and adamantium skeleton, and three this is one time Dad has been really concerned. Okay with that out of the way, this is what happens next)*

I have MORE THAN one power? What the fuck? I kept my eyes closed, trying to figure out, this shit that's going on with me. I hear Beast and Dad talking, about me. I sense Samuel (he told me to quit calling him "Ghost Samuel", because he said I was confusing people by doing that), but say nothing. I hear Ghost say, "You mean, Buck is a super mutant, Beast? Is that even possible? That's really cool too.".

I open my eyes and see Ghost, Rogue, Gambit, Beast and Dad. I sigh in relief, I know that they'll keep this secret for awhile. Rogue kneels in front of me and says, "If I ask Samuel a question, will you please tell me what he says.". I nod, motion for Samuel to walk/float over to us so he can hear, then I say, "You may begin, Rogue.".

"Sammy, I just want you to know that your brother, father and I love you. You do know that right?" She asks. Samuel responds through me, "Yes, Mother, I know. I love you guys too." and with that Samuel vanishes, not really gone gone vanish, more like goes somewhere else vanish. I can see tears forming in Rogue's eyes as she stands up and walks away.

I look at Ghost and say, "Let's go and see if Samuel went somewhere.". Ghost nods and follows me. Once we're out of ear shot, Ghost asks, "Want to go and get a tattoo? I remember two years ago that you said you wanted one, am I right?". I nod and then walk back to the library. It takes a few minutes to convince Dad to walk back to meet Ghost with me, but he does.

"What do you two want to ask me?". Ghost asks, "Do we have permission to go to a tattoo shop and get tattoos?". Dad stares off into space for a minute and then says, "You're both 18, so yes, but I drive you to the shop, alright?". I say, "Yes.".

*Later at Rebel Designs*

Ghost and I are browsing through books and looking at the framed designs on the wall, while Dad is talking to Greg, the owner. After thirty minutes I can't find anything, so I sit in one of the waiting chairs as Ghost keeps looking. Dad walks over and sits next to me. He asks, "Didn't find anything that suited you?". I nod my head, oh and Greg and the staff of Rebel Designs know we're mutants because some of the staff are mutants as well. Dad suggests, "Why not something personal?".

I say/ask, "What's personal enough for me to get as a tat? Nothing is personal to me anymore except the school and training.". Ghost sits on the other side of me and says, "I remember a certain mission where someone shouted, 'Mors Ex Tenebris' and 'Fortuna Favet Fortibus', why not get one of them.".

I ponder this, and then say aloud, "I want to get 'Mors Ex Tenebris" I point to the inner part of my upper left  arm, "here. And 'Fortuna Favet Fortibus" then I point to the inner part of my upper right arm, "here.".  Some of the artists look confused until another one says, "I'll do them.". I walk over to that guy and sit in the chair. He asks as he fixes the arms on the chair, "Which one first?". I fold my right arm behind my head and extend the left one, "Mors Ex Tenebris, if you please.". He nods his head and sets to work. It's about an hour after he finishes that one.

" You can get up if you wish to and walk around.". I look over at it and it does say 'Mors Ex Tenebris'.  I say to him, "Let's just finish this.". He nods, not at all concerned with the determination in my voice. Another hour later my artist, who said his name is Leo, finishes, 'Fortuna Favet Fortibus' , then bandages both of them and gives me the instructions for caring for them.

As I stand there at the counter with Ghost (who's top half of his right arm is covered in gauze) and Dad, who's paying for them,  Leo walks over to me and says, "I know it's not my business to pry, but what do those phrases mean?". The cashier says, "They mean, 'Death from the Darkness' and 'Fortune favours the Bold'.". Dad asks the cashier, "You ex-marine?". The cashier says, "Yes, Sir.".

We pay and then drive back to the mansion where we're surprised by Fury. Shit, I don't even think he'll let us join now. Dad says, "Their initiation is complete.". Wait, what the hell, what initiation?

Fury says, "Jean Grey put that question in RJ's mind about the tattoos. Logan knew the rest of the plan.". Ghost asks, "Meaning?". 

"Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers, Buck and Ghost.".

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