We Are One

**Another Avengers Fanfic** After the battle in New York, everything seemed okay, right? WRONG! There is another evil brewing, and she is the daughter of the infamous, Loki. The two people that can help the Avengers stop Loki's daughter aren't Avengers at all; They are actually children of some of the Xmen.
***Video is from youtube and it's creator is chileboam, NOT ME***


5. Five

*Still Buck's POV*

What the hell? The Avengers? No way, no how, never in a million years! I am an X-man, yes I know they have super heroes on their team, but why do they need X-men, why us? This thought ran through my head as I began pacing back and forth after Fury had Dad lock Ghost and I in my room, so they could speak without interruptions. I sigh and fall backwards on the bed, nearly landing on Ghost.

"Ey, Buck, watch where ya fall!" he shouts. I look at him and laugh. He just shakes his head, but ends up laughing with me. I stare at the ceiling, lost in thought. Ghost asks, "Are you still pissed at me for kissing you in the Danger Room?". I keep staring at the ceiling. He shouts this time, "BUCK!". I nearly jump outta my skin, "What?!?!". He laughs at me again, so I punch him in the arm that he got the tattoo on. 

"Shit!". Ghost rolls off of the bed and lands on the floor, clutching his arm. I get up and decide to help him back up. He shakes his head and says, "Thanks.". I say, "The answer to your question is this.." and kiss him. He says after three minutes, "Your not pissed. That's good.". He lays back down on the bed and covers his eyes with his left arm. I whisper, "You okay?". He whispers back, "Just have a headache.". I nod and then curl up beside him.

"Hey, Buck?". I sleepily say, "Mmh?". Ghost just says, "Sleep well, Buck.". A few hours later I hear, "I don't think we should wake them, Logan.", "Why, Gambit?", "They're sleeping, Logan, doesn't Fury want them to be well rested?", "Yeah, your right, Gambit.". 

*Ghost's POV*

*Recap- Buck punched me, kissed me and fell asleep on me. Best day ever.*

I could hear Dad and Logan arguing. I looked over to Buck who hadn't moved an inch. She bolts into a sitting position, breathing heavily. I look at her and ask, "What's wrong?".  She says, "I think I know what Fury wants us for, meet me in the Danger Room in three minutes.". After that she bolts out of the room. I don't look at the clock, so I just follow her. 

Once in the Danger Room, I softly call out, "Buck? You in here?". I hear her say, "Shhh. Up in the rafters.". I ask her, "How do you expect me to get up there?". She jumps down and says, "I don't.". I nod my head, then ask her, "What do you think Fury wants with us?". She looks around and then shouts, "Code Alpha Brava Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Gamma Whiskey Yankee Zulu Papa, Lock down Danger Room.". 

All of the windows darken, the doors lock and an automatic voice says, "Danger Room secure, Buck, no one can get in but you can get out.". She says, "Thanks S.C.A.R.". I look around and then ask her, "Um, what does S.C.A.R mean?". Buck leans against some crates and motions for me to sit on the floor. She says, "It comes from the martial arts term S.C.A.R.S, which means, Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary System. When I upgraded the system for the Danger Room I put the program S.C.A.R in the system, S.C.A.R is, well it means the first four letters of S.C.A.R.S.". 

I nod, that's when we both hear people pounding on one of the doors. Buck says, "Shit." and "Damn a certain person and his super senses.". I don't need anymore information to know that it is Logan. He shouts, "Open the door, Britteny!". Buck shakes her head, but opens the door. 

"We're ready Dad, we just have to grab our bags.". Logan nods and I head back into Buck's room, grab her bag and then go to my room and grab mine. Fury is waiting for us in the foyer. Logan nods to Fury, who nods to us and the he begins walking towards the door. 

Not even five seconds after setting foot out in the front court yard, I feel a needle jab me in my left shoulder, causing me to drop everything and pass out.

*Buck's POV*

I watched the red headed bitch give Ghost a sedative, then she tries walking over to me, trying to plunge the needle into my left arm. As soon as she makes the motion for that, I grab her right wrist, automatically flipping her over my left shoulder. I watch her again as she stares at me, possibly wondering why, or how I know that move.

I think of water without meaning to and I flex my right hand, hoping that the bad memory I just had goes away.

I hear Dad shout, "Buck, stop!". I don't understand what he's talking about until I sense an arrow pointed at the back of my head.

"Quit whatever voodoo you're doing and set my girlfriend down, or it's over in a matter of seconds for you," a voice whispers in my left ear. I drop the red head, not taking my eyes off of her as I elbow whoever's behind me, in the nose.

"CLINT," the red head screams as we both hear the sickening crack of bones breaking. I jump out of her way,  barley dodging an arrow.  I cock my head to my right, watching these two. I drop to my right knee, trying to reign in the rage, but what the red head says next seals her fate.

"Did that little bitch hurt you, Clint?".

Little bitch? Oh hell naw! She did not just go there! I rotate my shoulders, popping them though I have the adamantium skeleton.  Then I pop my neck, which should also be hard to do because of the adamantium skeleton.

I let my claws slide out of my knuckles, the sun glinting off of the metal.

"You pissed off the wrong girl, Red," I roar, causing her to jump. She turns back around, facing me leaving 'Clint' to be tended to by some of the X-Mansion staff.  I taunt her by back flipping onto one of the banisters of the steps.

"You're pretty agile, for someone who has metal infused to their bones.".

"If you're trying to trick me, Red, it won't work.". I watch an agent and the guy who this girl called Clint begin loading Ghost into a helicopter.

"AW HELL NAW," I scream, standing up and flipping over Red. I run, full speed, something I haven't done since HighFire's death.  I spear, or rather tackle 'Clint' with my left shoulder, causing him to hit his head on the side of the helicopter. The other agent drops Ghost and runs awy from me.

I turn around, watching Dad, Fury and a guy in a uniform with an American flag style pattern on it walk over to me.

"What," I growl at Dad.

"Are you Ms. Howlett," the man in the weird American flag uniform asks.

"Who's asking?".

"You sure this is my goddaughter, Logan? She was sweeter when she was younger," the man says to Dad.

"This is her, Steve. She had to grow up real fast three years ago.". Three years ago? Wha-..........HighFire's death, that's what Dad's talking about.

"She was just 16, Logan." the man tells Dad, as if he knows what it's like to lose someone.

"I know, Steve. I really shouldn't be talking to you after our agreement last year, after what happened in New York City.".

"Steve? As in Steve Rogers? Actually as in CAPTAIN AMERICA," I kinda shout the last two words.

"Yes, that'd be me.".

I walk over to Dad.

"If you had told me earlier, I'd wouldn't have gone ballistic.",  then I walk over to Fury, my voice not wavering at his 'I am the Director of SHIELD' act, "AND YOU. If you told me that Captain America was here, Ghost and myself may have come easier, than Red sedating him.".

Captain America nods, then he asks Red, who's name is really Natasha, who gives Ghost another shot.

"He'll wake up in about an hour, now are we going to have to sedate you, or are you coming willingly.".

"What do I get if I come willingly?".

"I won't beat your as for hurting Clint.".

"How about I come willingly, IF you let me heal Clint.".

"That's a snowball's chance in hell.".

I walk right past her, then I kneel next to Clint. He flinches away from me at first, but then realizes that I'm helping him.  I place my right hand inches from his broken nose, speaking rapidly, yet clearly, softly, but loud enough for the others to hear, and quick enough before Natasha beats the living shit out of me.

Clint does whatever facial muscle flexion that he can, surprised that his broken nose is completely healed.

"Buck, are you okay," Dad asks, with concern.

"Yeah, just tired, now though.".

Fury says, "Let's go, Buck, you can sleep during the ride if you wish.".  I nod, climbing in to helicopter without any complaint, then I set mine and Ghost's bags between my feet. Everyone else piles in,except Ghost because two people carried him on here, then we take off. Through the smallish window I can see Dad waving. I smile and drift off into a dreamless sleep.

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