Adopted By 5SOS

This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting adopted by someone famous.

**Read out to find out what happens**


1. Introduction to Jessica Matthews!!

Hello Everyone My name is Jessica Matthews , Well that was my last name but I am in a care home , I am 17 but I can look after myself but in this care home I get beat up by the other kids because I love dressing in black , I got a shower and dressed into this : 

I done my make-up and I tried to hide the black eye that a boy gave me he is called Luke , he doesn't like me , I don't talk at all so that's why nobody adopts me I'm quiet and shy I get beat up and all the other little children always help me but there is , this little boy called Daniel he always wants me to sing him to sleep , I wish we both got adopted at the same time because I don't want to leave  Daniel  my baby brother alone.


I went downstairs and saw Daniel and Lola she is 10 and I got my phone out and sent her a text saying : 


J= Morning Princess , What do have to do today? 


She looked up with sad eyes because I can't stand though's sad eyes and she texted back saying : 


L= No , could you do my hair and Daniel is 5 tomorrow can we make him a birthday cake please x 


I looked up and nodded I turned Lola around and did her hair into a fish tail she had so beautiful long blonde hair , Mrs. Evans came in with some 5 boy's , I finished plating her hair I turned her around and text her saying : 


Jessica = Tell Mrs.Evans I gone up to my room ok and to look after Daniel for me please x 

she looked at me and nodded and I saw she was pulling Mrs.Evans arm's , I was about to leave when Josh came out of nowhere and started heating me in the eye , slapping me and I fell to the floor and he started kicking my ribs. I saw everyone laughing but Mrs.Evans with an angry face and the 5 boy's shocked. 


I got up and got hold of Daniel and he said "I wish you can talk Jessica". I smiled at him and limped upstairs , with my baby brother I sung him to sleep I was singing 5SOS She looks so perfect , and I finished the song and saw Daniel fast asleep , I heard a knock at the door I got up and put Daniel into my bed , I opened it and it was the 5 boys and I recgonise them they are 5SOS. I waved them to tell them to come in and Mrs.Evans said to them " This is Jessica she is 17 , she doesn't talk , she is the best here she has a little brother which is sleeping in her bed now also she gets beat up but I am going to deal with Josh and she doesn't talk, so here Jessica have a note pad and pen enjoy". 


She closed the door and then Luke said " So Is Daniel your brother? and would you like to be adopted by us you and your brother?". I wrote on the note pad and finished and it said : 


It's doesn't matter I just want a loving family

that will welcome us to a safe and that will always 

loves us and not dumps us like our last parents did

and yes we would love too my baby brother would love to have a 

birthday party at a really home ,He is turning 5 tomorrow growing fast.

LOL xxx Love Jessica 


I packed everything Luke told Ashton and he has gone downstairs and Luke stayed with me and Helped me pack up my things and I did Daniel's things I looked at him and he was shaking and I spoke for the first time " Luke could you bring me the thermometer please I think Daniel is ill". I turned around and he was shocked and he freezed and he came and said "You have a lovely voice speak more , I like you". "I like you too but not now ok ". I said kissed his cheek and Daniel has the flu. I packed all his clothes and Luke got our bags and I looked at him and winked not with my sore eye of course


I got hold of Daniel , wrapped him in a warm blanket and we went downstairs where I saw Ashton (A.K.A Dad) was waiting with Michael and Callum waiting for us and Luke whispered to everyone I can talk and I got a beautiful voice , We went into the car and we started driving to my new home.


5SOS Car : 


**Skip Car Ride**


We have arrived at home and it was huge this is how it looked like  : 

Kitchen : 

Living Room : 

Jessica's Bedroom : 

Luke's Bedroom  : 

Ashton's Bedroom  :

Calum's Bedroom : 

Michael's Bedroom : 



A/N Hope you liked this chapter , see what happens next into the next chapter....


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