Adopted By 5SOS

This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting adopted by someone famous.

**Read out to find out what happens**


2. Hanging out with my Baby Brother!

**Jessica's POV**


I woke up to Daniel because he was hungry and he had the flu and he was sweating and really thirsty lately , I got into the shower quickly and done my business and I got dried and dressed into this : 

I put my hair into a pony tail and got Daniel up , I turned the taps on so I could bath Daniel and he goes " Mummy where are we?". He calls me mummy because he feels awkward when he calls me sister , I looked at him and said " Well baby boy we got adopted by 5 lovely boy's". I said smiling and Luke came into my head , I turned of the hot water tap and turned on the cold tap and let the water pour. **5 mins later** I felt the water and it was lake warm and I turned it of and stripped Daniels clothes off and put him into the bath I washed his hair it looked like Liam Payne's.


I gave him toy's to play with , I forgotten to bring towels in , so I got up and went to get some downstairs and saw everyone having breakfast and they said "Good morning Jessica". " Morning Guys". I said in a rush and I went upstairs quickly and I laid down the towel and got Daniel out and wiped him till he was dry I said " Happy Birthday Baby bro". I got him dressed into some shorts and but him some sandles  and I put him a boy's vest top with a jacket on top and zipped it up not a jacket with long sleeves the ones with short sleeves and I gave him my necklace that my dad gave me and I said " Bro always keep this ok ,, its from our daddy when he was in the army". He nodded and I picked him up and I let the water drain from the bath tub. 


We went downstairs and I put him down he quickly ran to Luke and Luke catched him into his arms and I went over Daniel and kissed him on the cheek , then Luke pouted saying " Where's my kiss on the cheek". "Fine you such a big baby". I said while went over to him and kissed his cheek and then Daniel laughed saying " Mummy called you big baby". Luke tickled him and he was laughing so hard. I skipped to dad kissed him on the cheek as well " Morning Dad". "Morning sunshine , Do you want to go swimming after with all of us on the private beach". He said while looking at me and I said " Sure can we go after breakfast pretty please". He nodded and I skipped upstairs to get my bikini on.


My Bikini : 

I wore some shorts but no top and I went downstairs and I took of Daniel's top of and Jacket but kept his hat on  , When all the boy's went upstairs but Luke was ready way before me , I put sun cream into the bag , phone , purse , water and two beach towels and a baby ring , I had everything and when I bend down to get look because to be telling the truth I have quiet medium boobs , Luke was staring down there and I said " Luke my face is up here not down there". He stopped looking and I picked Daniel up and Luke said "Why don't you apply to be a model you are sexy , caring , gorgeous". I looked at him and said " I will think about it". Everyone came downstairs and then we headed to my dad's car.


A/N I try and update tonight ok what happens at the beach xxx


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