Adopted By 5SOS

This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting adopted by someone famous.

**Read out to find out what happens**


4. Going on a date with Luke! x

**Jessica's POV**


I woke up and saw that Luke was not next to me I'm sure he was , Oh well , Yesterday Luke asked me t go on a date with him today at 2 pm , I got up and got dressed into this : 

I went downstairs and saw Luke there but not the rest of the boy's , I thought to myself they are probably sleeping , Well I think my best friend Emily is coming to visit me soon I think she will freak out if she sees 5SOS and she will freak out more when she find's out I am going out with Luke Hemmings. I skipped downstairs and tiptoed behind Luke and I shouted "BOOO". He turned around and had his hand on his heart and he said " Nearly gave me a heart attack babe , its not nice and you still up for our date later". I nodded and got hold one of the toast that Luke made and I said "Just going to the neighbours to ask for some sugar , going to bake a cake also we forgotten to buy some yesterday".


He nodded and I got hold of my keys for the house and started to walk to next door neighbours house , I rang the door bell and out came out a very older woman she was trying to calm her 18 year old son I think and he came behind his mother and smirked at me and I said politely " Could I have some sugar , I'm baking a cake it's my little brothers birthday today and I forgotten sugar at the shops yesterday". she smiled at me politely and went to get some and I was left with the boy and he said " What's you name love?". " My name is Jessica , what's your name?". I said /questioned , he looked at me and said "My name is Oliver nice to meet you too". 


The mother came back with a packet of sugar and I said " I just wanted half a glass , I can't take this Madam". she looked at me and giggled she then said " It's ok and call me Debbie , Have a fantastic birthday party , and if you got nobody to leave your baby brother with I be happy for you to come and drop him off". "Oh I pay you thank you". I said , she shook her head as a no she said " It's ok no need to pay me , I do it for free for nice neighbours for you". I nodded and waved goodbye , I started walking home and arrived home and got my key's opened the door , saw all the boy's dressed for the interview , I said " You guys going for the interview and the next door lady is so sweet she gave me a full bag of sugar and where's Daniel Dad?".  All the boy's looked at Ashton and he spoke up "He is sleeping , I wouldn't lose my own son would I". Everyone laughed and I sighed I relief.


The boy's left the house an hour ago and I was already up to the mixture party and I heard little foot steps coming downstairs and I went over to Daniel and picked him up said " Had a nice sleep baby bro and would you like to help me with the cake for today your birthday and we will do what you want today". He then replied " I had a great sleep , ok mummy could we play hide and seek with the boy's when they come back and you can go out with Daddy". I looked at him and kissed his cheek and we decorated the cake , because I already baked it into the over , now I put it into the fridge to set for the party , he his having his friends from primary because he is now 7. 


I looked at the time and it is nearly 2 pm I rushed upstairs and Daniel is in the living room watching sponge-bob square pants , I took a quick shower, dried my hair and put on my make-up and this is what I was wearing : 


I looked at myself at the mirror and see if everything was ok and everything was , I packed some pyjamas for Daniel into a bag and toy's and a phone to ring me anything if he is in trouble , I got his bag and zipped up and got my jacket on and I went downstairs and I said "Daniel come here your going to the neighbours house for a bit and then Dad is going to pick you up". He came running happily because his best mate from primary school , I picked him up and my car keys yes I bought my self a car and Luke is going to drive my car soon when he get's back.


My Car : 

Got everything inside and drove 5 mins down the road , I turned the engine off and unbuckled Daniel and I took him into my arms , Also not to forget to get his bag , I knocked on the door and Oliver answered it and I said " Hey is your mum in I need to ask her something and this is my baby brother but if he calls your mum , mummy is because he call's me mummy ok can I come in please". I said and he let me in and said "Let me go and call my mum ok". He went away and 1 hour later he came with his mum and she smiled to see me and hugged me.


She said " Do you want me to look after him since your going on a date I see?". "Yes please if you don't mind and My dad is going to pick him up and Oliver could you please play with him and his pyjamas are in there , I want him to be sleeping at 7 pm ok". They both nodded and put him into his pyjamas quickly and kissed his cheek " Be good for auntie Debbie and go an play nicely with Hannah , yes he has a girl best friend and he went before he did hugged me really tight. I said to them once more " Thank you and have a lovely evening and sorry If I disturb you". "It's ok love not disturbing us , and Oliver show Jessica to the door pleae while I go and check on Daniel and Hannah". 


He got hold of my waist and started kissing me , I pushed him away and said " What are you doing I got a boyfriend". " I couldn't help it your so sexy". He said licking his lips and I got out the door quickly and finally I said " Have a nice night". I waited for Luke and I saw there car and I stopped them Luke came out in a suit and I said to dad " Daniels in there , come pick him up at 7 ok in half an hour , thanx daddy love you". Then dad said "LOVE YOU TOO AND OK". 


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