Adopted By 5SOS

This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting adopted by someone famous.

**Read out to find out what happens**


6. Going on a date with Luke! x Pt 2

**Jessica's POV**


I went downstairs and I waited for Luke to come down ready , I asked him to tell me where we are going but he keep's saying it is a surprise so I have to wait and see where we are going ,  Finally Luke came down in his suit  : 

I was was already dressed , we got out and Luke whispered " You look beautiful baby". "Thank you , you look handsome as ever". I whispered back and he had my car keys because he needs to go and buy one soon he has got his driving licence but he needs a car , we got in and he started driving to the special place but I don't know where it is , I looked out of the window and it looks like we were heading somewhere private that nobody knows about.


We have arrived and it looked like the beach , we got out and he put the blind fold on me and he picked me up bridal style and he took of my shoes before , he put me down and he took the blindfold off me and I saw the most romantic thing ever. I said " Did you do this for me Luke .... If you did I love it". "Yes I did for my lovely Girlfriend , I love you too". 


Date Night Place : 

We went over and I had a bikini under my dress just in case we went swimming and we ate the food was delicious  , then Luke got up and put the music that was on his phone he said " May I have this dance my lady". "Of course you can sir". I said and got hold of his hand and we danced , when we finished dancing , he stripped out of his suit and he hoped into the water and said " Come on in the water is fine". I took of my dress and he looked shocked I ran in and dived. I didn't see Luke and I saw something under the water and he raised and now I was sitting on his shoulder , I was about to fell but Luke than catched me before I could fall.


We swam to the house and I got up and I looked at my leg , there was a big wound on it , I touched it a wince in pain , Luke swam up and saw my leg and he carried me to the beach and he wrapped me into a towel and drove to the hospital to get my wound stitched up. 


**Skip Car Ride**


We got to the hospital and Luke went to the lady and said "Please wait in the waiting room the doctor will be with you soon". He carried me up to the waiting room and it was empty ,  We saw the doctor coming and he saw my foot and he said " Ms.Irwin  please come with me so we can put stitches and a cast on it". Luke carried me and he put me on the table and I hold his hand just because it hurts and when I couldn't feel anything , I looked at my foot and it was cast in black , I hopped off and he gave me pain killers also some crutches  to keep them.


We started driving home and I we have arrive and , got my crutches out and hopped out of the car and Luke locked the car and I started walking to the door , I saw everyone in the living room they all looked at me and I said "I am fine ok , it is just a wound but a deep one so I have to have stitches and a cast on it , but I'm tired night". " Night Luke and Jessica". Luke carried me upstairs and got me changed and I went under the covers and slept cuddled up to Luke , and I said before falling asleep " Wish we will last and get married". Then everything went dark. 


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