Adopted By 5SOS

This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting adopted by someone famous.

**Read out to find out what happens**


3. At the Beach!

**Continuing from last chapter**


We got into my dad's car and we started driving to the private beach ,  I touched Daniels forehead and his flu has gone down finally because I didn't have any sleep because he was crying that hard last night. 


**Skip Car Ride**


We have arrived at the beach and I got hold of Daniels hand and we walked and saw nobody is here , I put the umbrella up and I laid the towels next to each other so I know that Daniel is next to me on the right hand side and on my left hand side is Luke , All the boy's went to have a swim and I took of my shorts off , I put sun cream on and sun glasses and laid down because dad has Daniel inside the water. 


**1 Hour Later**


I woke up by screaming inside the water and I saw it was Luke.... something smells fishy not complaining , I think this is a prank , I went to him and dived in and rescued him and took him out , I saw all the boy's laughing , I knew it was a joke , I stormed off  but my shorts on and towel into the bag and Ashton kept Daniel and I started walking away and I looked back and gave the middle finger thank god dad was not looking or Daniel. My feet started hurting , so I took off my shoes and put them into my bag , I nearly arrived home , I was at the front door step , someone was calling my name , I saw Michael shouting from the car , I ignored it and went inside and shut the door.


I went upstairs without eating anything , I changed into my pyjamas : 



I went into my bed and put my headphones into my neck and put 5SOS She looks so perfect on replay and I went under the covers and when I hit my head onto my pillow I was out like a light.


**Luke's POV**


When I did that prank on her , she got me out , she looked at the boy's and they were laughing , I got up and saw her storming off and packing everything we quickly packed our bags and we entered into the car , I told Michael inside the car " We nearly here , put the window down before she get's into the house". So he did and he was shouting her name , but she just went inside and slammed the door  ,,I got out as quickly as I could and stormed off , I saw that Jessica's bedroom door was open , so I looked inside and I saw her sleeping , I went inside and closed the door , I heard the boy's talking and I ignored it , I heard lot's of door's close. 


I shaked Jessica a bit , she didn't wake up because she was listening to us our song called She looked so perfect , I smiled and took her music off her neck and paused it and she woke up and she fluttered her eyes and she saw who it is she blushed , I thought "Does she like me , I like her too but I know her for 3 days that's it". I looked at her and she said " What you doing here? and where is Daniel?". "Calm down babe , he is with Ashton and I'm here because I cam to say I am sorry for doing that prank on you but you need to get used to it babe". I said while looking down she came and sat on my lap and kissed my lips and I kissed back as well. 


I was shocked and she blushed and she was about to get off but I said "  Will you be my girlfriend Jessica?". "Yes Of course I love you always have and will". She said smiling and we stated kissing again and I put her on the bed but we didn't do anything she came of me and I think she was teasing me..


A/N I will update tomorrow hope you liked chapter it will be on this same chapter xx





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