Secrets of a Bad Boy

I thought he was nice, polite, comforting and friendly. Until a game changed everything.. He isnt who you think he is.. hes bad..


1. Chapter 1

I entered the mental institute for men. I layed my things on the desk at reception. "Name?" "Gracie Lawnders" She smiled then it faded. "Ma'am, whats wrong?" I asked. "You.. you're looking after.. Mr. Bieber" I gasped. But.. hes mental! No. This cant be. I refuse to go in there. "He's had his medication but you have to be careful. He's killed over 4 bodyguards in the past 6 years" "Ma'am, I'll press the alarm if im worried or in any threat" The gated cross metal door buzzed and opened. Wow, This place has top security. The name badge was given to me and attached to my shirt before walking in to 234, Mr. Bieber's room. The plain black door shut behind me. "Mr. Bi-" "Its Justin" He said, Still looking out the metal caged glass window. His vest fitting perfectly to his body. The muscle was perfect and the tattoos made him look hot. Wait- Di- "Dont call me hot.." "How the-" "Mind reading"  Oh wow, Th- "The fucker can mind read, y-" "Okay, you can mind read but can you please shut the fuck up"  He stood up, the back of his knees hitting the chair, forcing it to slide across to me.  That's when he turned around. Anger shooting through his eyes as he slowly walked to me, My back hitting the corner off the room. "I dont deal with whores like you. I keep them for my own pleasure. To feed me of my addiction" "Uh. what add-" "Sex" I giggled. “Justin.. Its a shame that you want to have sex with me bu-“ He pushed me further up the wall with his hand clutching onto my neck. “We have 45 minutes so we ca-“ I kicked his proud anatomy, Running to my brief case. I saw him fall to the floor. Oh god, wheres the alarm. I reached up on the wall, Seeing a red button, Pressing it. Hold up, No sound? Fuck. Last resort. The brief case opened, re- where is my drugs? The needle. Its gone. “Looking for this baby? My turn to play..” He pierced the liquid into my neck, the tips of my fingers twitching. It became a blur, a video came. “Night baby, sleep tight..”




I woke up, my head hurting and my clothes not touching me. I rolled over, gasping. “No.. we-“ “We did baby, the best”

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