i need adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about a girl who got put in to care when she was born and she is now 13 and she is still in care.she gets adopted by someone famous.Read to find out more. hope you enjoy.


1. Introduction to the charters!!!

Hello my name is Diana, my last name is Mcginlay . I live in a care home in London. I come from Scotland, but when my mum didn't want me she was moving to England , I just want to get adopted by someone that will take me in as a daughter.


This is me > 


i have a friend called Jessica Matthews,she  is my best friend. we do everything together. we share a room  we  have a big bedroom we have bunk  beds  each.they are so conf. i love   them .  this is what they look like>


Know let me tell you about the care workers i Stowe house, they are really nice and very kind to others and are main care work is  

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