What Happens In London

{ inspired by the 2008 hit blockbuster 'What Happens In Vegas'. }

"You might as well give up, because that three million will be mine." Zayn growled. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Only in your dreams, pretty boy." I retorted. He took two steps toward me. "Do not test me." he warned but I could really care less. "You don't scare me." I said standing my ground. He backed me into the wall, our chests touching, and I could feel his breath hitting my face. "Then we'll have to change that, won't we?" he smirked.


1. Chp. 1

The Golden Exterior Double Doors swung open and out came the very successful, very wealthy, very attractive Luca Sadeem. At just age 24, Luca has already achieved much, more then most people at his age.

He adjusted his jet black blazer that, under it hid a laydown tuxedo shirt. He dressed very elegantly, as he should, being the prosperous man he is. His ginger hair was neatly combed back and his piercing silver eyes were focused on the pavements ahead of him.

Right behind him, came his striking fiance, Marceline. Her light curls cascaded down to her shoulders, with most of it pinned up. She held a folder under her arm and two cups of smoothies occupied both her hands.

Her sleeves stopped just a bit after her elbow and her black office shirt was tucked into her grey skirt which stopped right on her knees. Her black pumps clanked against the pavements as she jogged to catch up to him. She handed him one of the smoothies, which was a yellowish colour.

"I made a different flavoured smoothie this morning for you, thought the birthday boy could do with a change." she said smiling up at him. He nodded at her, with acknowledgement.

He continued to walk briskly, with his satchel strap across his shoulder.

"I scheduled a date for us at The Stroom for eight." Marceline started breaking the silence that engulfed them. "Thought maybe we could plan a date?" she asked hopefully.

Luca ignored the question. "Did you just make a plan to make a plan?" he asked with amusement.

Marceline smacked her forehead. "Aw shucks, did I do that again?" she asked embarrassed.

"Uh yeah you kinda did." he said smiling for the first time. "Ah sorry." she mumbled.

"T'is okay." he replied. "Well, I must get going, see ya later." he said and began to make his way off the pavements.

Marceline pulled him back by his sleeve. "No goodbye kiss?" she questioned pouting.

"Oh yeah I forgot." She leaned in to kiss him but his lips kissed her forehead instead and then he jogged across the road hurriedly.

"Bye honey! Love you! Have a good birthday!" she yelled out to him.

"You too!" he yelled back and then disappeared behind the buildings.

Marceline sighed and then ran her hands through her medium ash brown hair.

She decided to question Luca's strange behaviour later and head to work.

As she walked into the building, the immediately made her way to her office.

"Caylen." a woman with golden locks greeted her.

"Zedd." she replied, nodding to her, with a grim expression.

As she turned to the elevator, with her back facing 'Zedd', Zedd shot glares at her.

It was clear these two did not like each other. At all.


The black haired boy, who went by the name of Zayn Malik, sat on his couch in his apartment, with a beer in hand, watching a local football match. Rotherham United vs Bradford City. The score was currently a tie, both teams at nil-nil. No one has yet scored.

"C'mon Rory! Phil coached you better than this!" he yelled at the screen.

His screams of disappoint was interrupted by a knock on the door. He groaned. He lazily trudged to the door.

He pulled the door open to see the jet black haired beauty wearing a whore like girl scouts uniform. Her top stopped right above her navel and her skirt stopped high above her knees. She wore stockings. She smiled up at him sweetly.

Zayn looked stunned, but his look of surprise was quickly replaced with a smirk.

"Excuse me sir, would you like some cookies?" she asked grinning. He felt around his sweats' pockets for money.

"I..uh..don't have my wallet.." he replied.

Zayn's eyes wandered across her body.

"I don't have any cookies." she smirked and by the time the words slipped out her mouth, Zayn already had her in his arms, with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck and their lips were smashed onto each other.

Zayn slammed the door behind him.


"Zayn." the girl whispered. "Zaynnn." she sing-songed. "Hmm?" he questioned, feeling rather content with himself. She trailed her index finger down his now bare chest.

"I need a key." she said getting up. "Wow." Zayn said. He thought for a few more seconds. "Wow." he said again. "That's uh-"

She briefly cut him off. "Not to live with you stupid, just to get in your apartment, I hate waiting outside in all those slutty outfits." she pouted.

"Don't take this the wrong way Zayn but.." she started and bit her lip.

"But you're not exactly 'boyfriend', 'marriage' material." she said and looked up to see his reaction. Zayn grinned. "And I pride myself with that."

She rolled her eyes. "Of course you would. Anyway I got to head out to work, and you do too." she told him and kissed his head.

"See ya next week,hmm how about the sexy animal tamer and the wild animal?" she asked.

"You got it." he winked at her as she left the apartment.

'Gotta love Jacqueline.' he thought to himself.


"I really hope that he likes this." Marceline beamed at her best friend Lilian, or as she famously goes by, 'Rooker'.

"Celine, he'll love it." she told her friend smiling. Celine had set up a surprise party for Luca. She placed the last set of candles on the cake.

"Okay everyone, I'm going to bring him up and remember, when I turn on the lights, that's when you yell 'surprise!'" she instructed.

"Oh so that's how a surprise party works, I'll totally write that down." Rooker said sarcastically.

Celine rolled her eyes and made her way to the elevator where Luca stepped out. "Welcome home sweetie!" she smiled. She tugged his arm toward the living room but he didn't budge.

"C'mon hun." she told him.

"Look Celine, we need to talk." he said with a straight face.

"Oh we can do that later just come on." she said tugging him again.

"No, we need to talk right now."

"Just step out righ-"

"Marceline." he commanded.

She stopped her attempts. He only ever called her by her full name when he was serious.

"Look, I don't know how to say this but," he bit his lip.

"I don't want to marry you."

Celine felt her heart sink.

It stung.

Not only did the man she was in love with break up with her, but all their close friends and family heard it too.

She felt the tears escape her eyes.

"Oh god, are you crying?" Luca asked feeling guilty, he bent over to turn on the lights.

Everyone moved from their hiding places.


"Oh that's not good." he muttered.


"Zayn, my office now." the aging man called out roughly.

Zayn hurried to his office.

"Take a seat." he said gesturing to the chair.

"Now, you're one of my best workers, or should I say were." he started.

Zayn fiddled with his fingers.

"You've been slacking off way to often. I don't know how to say this but.." he took a deep breath. "You're fired."


"Don't get me wrong, you're like a son to me."

"Dad, I am your son."

His father chuckled.

"What are the odds? Anyway, you're dismissed, get scurrying along."




"And he just fired me! Just like that!" Zayn complained to his mate Niall.

Across the bar sat Celine and Lilian.

"He doesn't deserve me." Celine stated and took another shot.

"Told you. You're better than him." Rooker agreed.

"Betcha I can drink this whole glass faster than you can." Zayn challenged Niall.

"Mate, I'm Irish. Think again." Niall boasted and drank the whole glass before Zayn could blink.

"Nice." Zayn said nodding his head in approval.

"You know what? You need a vacation." Rooker said suddenly.

"A vacation?" Celine questioned.

"You know mate, to get this whole firing thing off your mind, we should get out." Niall said drinking another pint.

"Somewhere nice," Rooker said.

"Somewhere that's known for it's luxuries..." Niall said grinning madly.

"My bed?" Zayn suggested playfully.

"Somewhere like..." Rooker started and pulled out a brochure she got a few nights ago.

"Please don't say London.." Celine begged.

"Somewhere,where all the babes are at.." Niall smirked.

"Please say London..Please say London.." Zayn begged.

"I'm talking London baby." Rooker grinned.

"London exactly." Niall grinned.

"No way." Celine shook her head.

"Absolutely." Zayn said taking a swig of beer.

"C'mon, think about it." Rooker encouraged.

"Think about it." Niall smiled.

"Hmm...London... free..fun.." Celine smiled slightly.

"Away from all your troubles.." Zayn smiled.

"London!" Rooker whispered excitedly.

"London!" Niall chanted.

"London!" Zayn shouted.

"London!" Celine screamed.

"London!" Rooker yelled.

"London!" they all hollered in unison.

The whole bar joined in. "London! London! London!"

London, it was indeed, the place where it all begins.

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