Inked Love

What happens when a rebel meets a innocent ? Two different personalities but one love. No one can break them apart, right ?


4. The Invite

           Chapter 4

    Niall's P.O.V

I was hanging with the boys at my house. Harry was having a smoke, Louis was kissing correction: sucking a random girls face off, Zayn was watching TV and Liam was well he wasn't here. " Where is Liam?" I decided to ask as it was silent apart rom the sound off the TV and that girl moaning Louis's name. " I don't know mate." Harry answered my question. " Want one?" Harry said offering me a fag. "Yeah why not, thanks." I said taking one. Harry passed me a lighter so I could light it. Taking a long drag of the cigarette, I decided to look own at my phone. just one time a message popped up on my phone, it was from Liam, it said.

"Meet me at this new nightclub tonight at 8:00. Tell the rest of the boys also I'm at Maddie's "

After I read the text I told the boys and they all agreed.




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