Inked Love

What happens when a rebel meets a innocent ? Two different personalities but one love. No one can break them apart, right ?


3. Boy Problems !!


            Chapter 3

 Rachel's P.O.V

I HATE BOYS !! Do you want me too tell you why, well I'm going to anyway. I left out a teeny weeny bit of information about me, I have a boyfriend. His name is Joe, he is a kind, thoughtful and loyal. Well that's what I thought. for the past 3 months he has been cheating on me with this blonde haired, make-up covered slut ! I had just got home from dance when I heard moaning coming from the upstairs bedroom. Me being the curious girl I am decided to walk right in ignoring the consequences. I opened the door and saw the most disturbing scene right in front of me ! Joe was lying on top of the bitch thrusting into her. I screamed, "YOU FUCKING MAN WHORE !!!!" Apparently the little whore didn't know he was dating someone else as she asked, "Who is this babe?" Joe figured that is was best to say, "I don't know, how the fuck did you get in my house?" That was it, I marched over to that son of a bitch and slapped him across the face. And like the sassy bitch I was walked out of that room and house for the very time.

"How could he do that to me!" I sobbed correction screamed whilst crying on Lucy's shoulder." I don't know babe, we should teach him that no one and I mean no one can mess with you." She said comfortingly. "Do you mean your going to get me ice-cream?" I asked hopefully. "No silly, we are going to the new nightclub that just opened. You my friend might get laid." "No to the getting laid bit, but we could go clubbing. That club is meant to be really good!" I agreed. "Great, we need to find a dress for you." I don't normally let her dress me because of her weird dress sense but only this time I will.


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