Lost (A tobias love story)

She wants to be happy. She wants to be free. This 'she' is Tracy Cloud. Hi, I am Tracy, as you already know, and I'm alone. Some people use the words lost and alone too lightly. People say that being alone is just when you're the only person in a room or something. The aching emptiness that creeps inside of you every waking moment, reminding you that you aren't worth it the the true meaning of alone. Being lost has a whole different explanation. Lost is when you're surrounded by this cold, hard feeling as if it were to swallow you whole. I am lost and alone. But on top of all that… I'm divergent.


1. Tracy Cloud

Hi I'm Tracy Cloud. I'm 17 years old and I live in Abnegation even I really should be Dauntless. I live alone and lost. Why you ask? Well my parents died.  Well my both of my parents died. I don't really mind though because I was never loved. I was beaten bruised by my parents all my life. Funny how people can say that they were born from Abnegation. They are not selfless at ALL.  Anyway, enough about my parents, I have a really weird birthday because it's right after the aptitude test. So I'm older and smarter than most of my peers. I am constantly in danger of being faction less because I have no parents. But my neighbors provide the necessities and keep it all a secret. I guess none of us could be in Candor… Because of my parents and childhood, I have learned to shut everyone out. ​Don't get attached. Don't love. Don't trust.  These are just a few of the many reminders that I have daily. Memories occupy my thoughts and dreams. 


I lay on the hard ground with a big cut starting at the tip of the outward part of my right eyebrow. I try to block out all the loud noises around me. But just then I hear something that I will forever remember. 

"This is for your own good" My dad pulled out his belt off of his pants and whipped the metal side on my face.

Tears rolled down my pink cheeks and landed on my torso. I didn't even realize that my father had picked me up, ran up the stairs, and locked me in the small, dark closet next to his bedroom. 

​I don't deserve this… I thought. I bet my classmates don't have to do this… I'm only 8...

Last thing I heard was,
"this is what happens to naughty little girls."

 I have dark blue eyes and long, dark brown hair that it almost appears to be black. I have sort-of-tan skin with a slightly square-shaped chin. I also have a scar starting from the middle of my right eyebrow and ending diagonally at my hairline.         Well that's me I guess...

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