She Looks So Perfect

Lacey never thought she'd get into this situation. One drunk night and she's hooked up and been caught with the one and only Ashton Irwin. And once everyone gets ahold of the news her life turns upside down. And once management gets involved they tell them something never expected.

"Now that your in this mess your just going to have to play along" management said with a sigh

"Play along?" I questioned and by the looks of it Ashton knew what was happening

"You'll have to be in a fake relationship"


2. 01. more than a one night stand

Lacey's POV

I groaned as I realized my curtains were open and light was pouring through the window. I sighed as I pulled the covers back revealing my naked body. Wait what?

I gasped as I realized I was naked, I turned my head and realized a familiar boy staring at me with a wide smile.

"Good morning" He said with a deep raspy voice, which I assume is his morning voice, and I have to admit it's pretty sexy.

A small scream escaped my mouth as I pulled the covers back over my body. my eyes were wide as he chuckled and I started to remember bits and pieces from last night.

The club, dancing, drinking, and most importantly, going home with this hottie. Although, I don't remember sleeping with him!

"Are you hungry?" He asked, sitting up and stretching, revealing his nicely toned stomach. I watched as the muscles in his back flexed while he raised his arms in the air.

"Are you done checking me out?" He questioned and I blushed looking away.

"I need to get home" I said as I pulled the covers closer to my body.

"Okay, I'll drive you. If your alright with that" He said and I nodded, reluctantly. He got up and pulled on a pair of boxers.

"You can borrow a t-shirt or something" she suggested and I shook my head, he sighed and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Once he was gone I jumped off the bed and gathered what I beloved to be my clothes and out them on quickly.

Once I was done I walked out of the room and downstairs, my shoes in hand.

"You ready" He questioned as he set down his bowl of cereal. I nodded and followed him to the door.

He opened it and allowed me to go first which I gladly did, walking over to his car.

He unlocked it and I got in, buckling my seat belt. He started the engine and pulled out of the drive way, without saying a word.

I told him were my address was and he dropped me off in a matter of minutes.

"Goodbye Lacey" He said with a smirk as I unbuckled my seat belt.

"Goodbye Mr. Irwin" I said sarcastically, causing him to realize I knew who he was. This only made his smirk grow wider as he winked at me, I rolled my eyes and slammed the door once I got out, rushing into my house and closing the door behind me.

•A Few Days Later•

Ashton's POV

"Hello" I said into my phone once I pressed answer.

"Ashton, you and the boys need to come to the office, now" The lady, Mrs. Hellberg, said I sighed, knowing I was the one in trouble. I hung up the phone without another word and told the boys we were leaving, we all got into the car and left.

We entered the office quietly and sat down in the chairs on the other side of the long table in the center of the meeting room.

Management sat on the other side, silently staring at us.

"Were waiting for one other person, so sit tight" Mrs. Hellberg said and folded her hands on the desk. After a couple of minutes the door opened revealing a girl with dark purple hair, Lacey. My eyes widened a bit as I realized who it was and what's was going on.

"Please take a seat Ms. Thomson." She said politely and Lacey took a seat next to me, she scooted her chair over a bit, trying to get distance from me.

"So, we've seen and heard about you too, and to the media, you may be together, but to us, we know it's not that at all" A man, Mr. Jackson, growled and I sighed, looking down to my lap.

"You should really think before you get drunk and start hooking up with girls Ashton" I heard Luke say from beside me and I sighed, knowing I messed up.

"And now that your in this mess your going to have to pay the consequences, you'll have to play along with the media" Mrs. Hellberg said with a sigh, my head shot up, hoping it's not what I thought It was.

"What do you mean?" Lacey asked from beside me, she looked over at me and I quickly looked away, avoiding eye contact.

"Your going to have a fake relationship, it's our only choice, we can't tell the media it was a fling, it would affect the band greatly" Mr. Lacherson said and I groaned.

"What? I can't do that!" Lacey argued, panic in her voice.

"It's either this or having everyone think your a just some whore who slept with Ashton for his money or something" One of the boys said and I rolled my eyes.

"Fine" She grumbled and Mrs. Hellberg smiled.

"Great, now all you have to do is sign this contract stating you'll be with Ashton for the next 8 months" She said handing Lacey a few prices of paper, her eyes bulged from her head as she said 8 months but signed anyway.

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