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Hi my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm going to tell you some things so start taking notes. I was the victor of the 64th hunger games when I was 15. I was the girl of ice. Now I'm 25 and have already mentored for Katniss and Peeta with Haymich and all that jazz. But the twist in the third quarter also involves that 3 victors would be reaped and would fight to the death once again. But what really scares me most is that Katniss doesn't want to be allies with me.


4. what an honor

   Peeta's POV

   I was in Katniss's kitchen sitting on the wooden chair next to Gale. He was still sleeping and Katniss was getting the snow for Gale's back.  Since I had nothing to do, I decided to look back on my day today. First I was at Haymich's house doing random stuff like talking about mentoring and stuff. After that I took a walk around the district which really wasn't what I had expected. I saw Katniss get whipped in the eye. Then I went to defend her, then Haymich came and everyone left. But when I was rethinking that whole scene, I remembered something. Haden was there too. She was also getting whipped but she seemed in worse condition than Gale. I don't think anyone went back for her. Ok, maybe that's why Mrs.Everdeen was worried. I'll go bring her back to her house in a bit. But not now. You know, Katniss has this thing with Haden and that thing isn't really good. So because of that, I have to go there at the right time. Katniss walked back into the house with the snow. 

"Hey Katniss" I said. She didn't say anything back just a nod.

"Hey Peeta... uh, you can leave now, I you want" I replied with a nod mimicking what Katniss had done to me when she had walked into the house.

Haden's POV

I opened my eyes and squinted them as they were adjusting to the bright sun of the morning time. The cold winter wind slapped me in the face and touched the wounds on my back making my back sting. I was kinda lightheaded due to the large amount of blood I lost during the whipping. 

I took big breaths to take my mind off the whipping incident from yesterday. 

"Hello, Ms. Everdeen." Said a familiar voice.

"what? who is this?" I asked very confused. The person walked then knelt in front of me because I was bent over and was also still locked on the post. That person knelt in front of me was president Snow.

"President Snow." I winced because the wind had blown onto the deep wounds on my back. "President Snow" I said again. "What an honor."

I acted like I was honoring him and that I was enjoying his presence. He was smelling like poison like usual.

"So like I said to your sister, we have to agree not to lie, ok?" Snow asked to me but really, I didn't have an option but to tell the truth.

"That seems fair" I agreed. That's when he really started talking.

Peeta's POV

Since Katniss let me leave the house, I had the chance to do that now so I would. I slightly jogged out of the victors village. I sped up my jog into a quick run, then I was running. What slowed me down was I saw a familiar figure sitting in the town square. Haden was also there too but I now realized that the person she was talking to was president snow. I decided to get a closer look so I found a patch of these thick hedges that I could hide in. So I did. I peeked through the only place that I could see through but could still not blow my cover. I listened to their conversation.

"So like I said to your sister, we have to agree not to lie, ok?" -snow

"that seems fair" haden replied. Her facial expressions clearly showed that she was in great pain. 

"I came over to your house to speak to you but turns out you weren't there. So I searched through the district trying to see where you were, but you were nowhere to be found then it came across my mind that you could be here." Snow explained. 

"Yeah, I never left because no one ever came for me." Now I felt really bad about waiting to come over here. Haden is in pain right now and she has to talk to Snow. I wouldn't dare interrupt a talk with President Snow so I kept on listening to their conversation inside the hedges. 

Haden's POV

"I came over to your house to speak to you but turns out you weren't there. So I searched through the district trying to see where you were, but you were nowhere to be found then it came across my mind that you could be here." Snow explained. Man did his breath near my face smell intoxicating.

"Yeah, I never left because no one ever came for me." I said calmly trying to take my mind off the searing pain in my back, face, and body in general.

"Well I came here to talk to you about the whipping incident that occurred yesterday, do you have an explanation for that?" He asked. 

Keeping my promise, I told the truth. "I couldn't stand that my best friend was getting whipped so I had to do something about it"

"Ms. Everdeen, I thought that we agreed not to lie to each other right?"  It was getting quite annoying that he was asking so many questions all at once.

"I'm not lying" I spoke through gritted teeth. The wind once again slapped me across the face and kicked my back to make my many untreated wounds burn.

"Ms. Everdeen, are you trying to start an uprising in your district?" Snow questioned. I shifted positions in the limited moving space I had because I was locked on the whipping post. But when I moved my cuts split open and started to to hurt A LOT.

"no sir" I was taking big breaths to prevent myself at screaming, both at the searing pains all over my body and at President Snow.

"Well that's all the information I need so I'll be leaving now." then, he started leaving.

The only sound that was filling the area was Snow's footsteps echoing throughout the whole place. Well I'll probably be locked on this pole for the next couple days or so, so I might as well not expect anyone to come and get me. And if that happens the wounds on my back, face, and pretty much my whole body will get infected but by now, I could really care less. 

     Duke (my dog) sat down next to me and his body heat warmed up my painful body. I let a tear slip down my blood stained face. It wasn't only because I was in pain but because I knew that I wasn't loved. I mean seriously, if anyone really loved me I would be unlocked out of this torture pole thing and I would've been in the woods hunting. 

After I let more tears fall out of my eyes when I heard some footsteps. 

"Hello?" I heard a voice say.

"Haden?" I think that voice belonged to Peeta. Why would he come? And mainly, why did he care?

"Peeta? is that you?"  a small smile formed on my once frowning lips.

"Yeah it's me, uh Haden you have to be treated now. your pants are soaked in a red color and a lot of your body is a deep purple." Peeta said in a worried tone. He didn't even wait for my answer he just started untying ropes and unlocking stuff. Peeta grabbed my wrist and lifted me up. Duke barked at him and rubbed his head against Peeta's thigh. I smiled as much as I could without ripping the cuts on my face.

"thank you" was all I managed to say before I tripped over my own foot and blacked out.

Peeta's POV

"GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled. I tried to find a place on her body that wasn't damaged. I picked her up by her forearms and picked her up. I knew that if she were awake right now she would be screaming due to the agonizing pain all over her body. 

As I was running I looked down at her. the color was drained from her face and most of her pants had blood stains. 

"what the hell are you doing!?!" someone questioned me. Gale. There was a big bag of snow strapped on his back and he started jogging towards me. 

"oh my god..." Gale said. "we need to bring her to Mrs. Everdeen now!" he grabbed Haden's other forearm and ran with me. Soon we both reached the entrance to the victors village. Gale and I ran past the many vacant houses and we soon arrived at the Everdeens. Gale knocked rapidly on the front door. That's when Haden woke up.

"ahghgghhhh!!!" she yelled. "let go of me," she said with shaky breaths. "I'm fine" Haden whispered.

Haden's POV

I woke up to the sond of knocking. I opened my eyes to find that Peeta and Gale were holding me by my arms. But any  single movement they made resulted in me feeling extreme pain.

"ahghgghhhh" I yelled. well that was painful. "Let go of me." I struggled to get out of their tight but gentle grips. "I'm fine" I once again tried to get out of Peeta and Gale's grips and I did. I would normally get out of their grips very easily but considering that I was in extreme pain and that my vision was so blurry that I couldn't see, it wasn't so easy. 

I started trying to run but I hit a pole and epicly failed trying to get away from the boys.

"Haden listen to me." Gale said shakily. "You're not fine, ok? you have to go to your mom's house lay down, and get treated." I listened to every one of his words. I looked up at him from the ground and I couldn't see him. My whole vision was spinning.

"Gale, I c-can't see you." I coughed. 

Right when I said that I saw a very very blurry figure that looked like Prim walk out the door.

"Take her inside!" Prim said. Peeta and Gale once again lifted me off the ground and carried me inside. 
    My mom and Prim started laying snow all over my body and put a cold, wet washcloth beneath my face. I gave up trying to convince everybody that I was okay. I just laid there and drifted off into a deep, painful sleep.


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