stay alive

Hi my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm going to tell you some things so start taking notes. I was the victor of the 64th hunger games when I was 15. I was the girl of ice. Now I'm 25 and have already mentored for Katniss and Peeta with Haymich and all that jazz. But the twist in the third quarter also involves that 3 victors would be reaped and would fight to the death once again. But what really scares me most is that Katniss doesn't want to be allies with me.


3. the whipping post

"DAMN!" I screamed. What could've Gale possibly done? Before I could ask myself anymore questions I sprinted through district 12 faster than the fastest race car ever made. I ran past the hob, past the bakery, I ran past the butcher place. If anyone noticed me running they would barely be able to see me, that's how fast I ran. When I made my way past the victors village, I noticed the screams becoming much louder, and much more painful. My fast run was now a slow jog. And my prediction was indeed right, Gale was strapped to the whipping post and was screaming in pain. I did what my gut told me to do, even if it costed me my tongue or worse, my life. 

I quickily put the new head peacekeeper's arms behind his back, I grabbed the pistol that was strapped onto his belt. Now that I had a gun, no one could do anything to me. I had the head peacekeeper in a headlock in seconds. While I did that I put the gun to his head. No, I wasn't going to kill him. I'd be out of my mind to do that. Once I had the gun to his head, Gale looked up at me like he just saw bloody mary kill a puppy.

"you whip him one more time, or you'll be sorry!" I yelled. 

"GET HER!"  He yelled. It caught me off guard for a moment, but not enough to make me let go. The other peacekeepers ran at me and grabbed my shoulders. they pulled me back towards another whipping post strapped me in, and tore off my top leaving me in just my pants, boots, and my sports bra. After that, the head peacekeeper went on whipping Gale. While that was happening, the other peacekeepers started punching and kicking my back and my face a couple of times. One even cut me some times with a knife. Not long after that I got lashed by an evil weapon that people call a whip. 

I screamed with Gale, we both screamed as loud as we could, but that didn't stop the peacekeepers at all. The name doesn't suit them at all they do anything but keep peace. Now Gale was still screaming but I was breathing heavily. Duke was standing about five feet away from me barking.This all went on for another 25 minutes until I heard Katniss's voice near Gales post. 

"STOP" And that's all I heard before everything went black.

Katniss's POV

I was quickly but carefully, taking care of Greasy Sae's gash on her forehead. I had supplied her with a wet towel that was also dabbed in medicine. She winced, probably in pain but then I heard yelling.

"hold on" I said to Greasy Sae in a calm tone. I ran off towards the town square where I heard the screaming. What I saw was not what I was expecting. Gale was locked on the whipping post along with Haden. Haden on a whipping post I didn't really care much about, but as soon as I saw Gale I ran to his post.

"STOP!" I yelled.  But what I did was a mistake. I earned a whip from the head peacekeeper near my eye. I rolled on my back and groaned. The    peacekeeper stopped and I stood up. He pulled out his gun which was partially covered in blood, and pointed it at me.

"go ahead" I said. But soon after I said that Peeta stepped in front of me.

"don't do it" Peeta whispered loud enough for the head peacekeeper to hear. That sure crossed the line for him. I was pretty sure he was going to shoot us both at any moment but to my surprise, Haymich stepped in front of both of us. Then, he started talking.

"Wait! wait. stop, you gotta think this through, I suggest that your new here. You ever heard of this girl? She's Katniss Everdeen, capitol's angel. Now I say that you should stop, you already whipped her sister too many times. Just let it go this time." Haymich said with a weird smile.

I bet that that statement made him pretty angry. And I was right. "ALRIGHT! CLEAR THE TOWN SQUARE NOW! UNSTRAP BOTH OF THEM, AND IF I SEE ANYONE OF YOU AFTER SUNDOWN, YOU'LL BE SHOT RIGHT ON THE SPOT!" The peacekeeper yelled. The square was quickly cleared as me, Peeta, and Haymich got to work in bringing Gale home to his aid.


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