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Hi my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm going to tell you some things so start taking notes. I was the victor of the 64th hunger games when I was 15. I was the girl of ice. Now I'm 25 and have already mentored for Katniss and Peeta with Haymich and all that jazz. But the twist in the third quarter also involves that 3 victors would be reaped and would fight to the death once again. But what really scares me most is that Katniss doesn't want to be allies with me.


5. the dream

A/N: I'm Pretty sure that this chapter will be really short. Sorry...

Haden's POV

I opened my eyes to see myself in an army green room. I looked around to find pretty much nothing at all. Just a door leading too god knows where. I looked down at what I was wearing.     Cute… I thought. outfit

I tucked some extra hair behind my ear. Where am I? 

I stood up from my sitting position and and started walking around. Nobody was here but yet again The room didn't look deserted. even though nothing was in it. Then suddenly, I heard a voice. That voice was very 
similar in many ways but when I looked around I saw nothing.

But then, I heard that same voice again. I smiled the  huge smile that I hadn't used in a long time. The voice belonged to Rowan.

But who is Rowan you ask? Rowan Hawthorn Is or should I say was Gale Hawthorne’s oldest brother. Also my fellow district parter in the 64th hunger games. Sadly, he died trying to save me. After all, he WAS my best friend of all time. but now he's dead.


I heard Rowan's voice echo throughout the empty room.

"Hey Ray Ray" He recited his childhood nickname to me. 
"Rowan? is t-that really you?" I asked completely amazed that this is my first non-tragic dream that I had since the games. 
I turned around just to see the face I've been wanting to see for the past 11 years. Rowan now

wow, he's changed so much since the games… Rowan age 15
He looks so much more mature, and handsome… But obviously I can't fall in love with someone that's dead.

​"I can't believe it's you" I looked up at him and smiled.

"I just learned how to do this, cool huh?" Rowan said.

"how to do what? visit me in my dreams?" He nodded. He has to do this more often, seriously, it's awesome. But really, is this actually happening? Because really I'm dreaming I have to be.

​"you are" Rowan interrupted my thoughts.
"did I just say that out loud?" my face turned a light shade of pink.

"but about what I said earlier, I'm dreaming?" I asked, curious to know the answer. Rowan motioned towards a window that I had know idea was there. 

"that's you" We both looked through the window to reveal me laying down on the floor with my stomach facing up, with a big bag of snow everywhere on my body exempt my face.

"wow I really got beaten up hard… am I gonna be okay?" I asked.

"well I'm no doctor, but since I'm dead I know a lot… so yes you're gonna be fine." I smiled at his sense of humor that I missed greatly. Then Rowan started speaking again.

"You're gonna be sleeping for another like three hours so it's about time I show you this." Then Rowan started walking towards the door that I saw when I first got here. He reached his hand towards the doorknob and twisted it.

The door swung open to reveal this.

The door swung open and for that moment I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It was the meadow that Rowan and I would go to everyday after we went hunting. Well I guess you couldn’t really call it a meadow. It was just a medium sized patch of flat land but I loved it anyways.
 “How is this even possible?” I asked, not expecting an answer. I crouched down and touched the grass. It was so real. I stood back up off the ground. Barley able to stand on my own feet, I held Rowan’s hand.
I turned around and looked into his bright sparkling eyes that I haven’t seen since ten years ago. 
“How is this even happening? I mean, this is incredible, but I’ll just forget all this when I wake up.” I stated. 
“Ok, how about this,” Rowan took off his dog tag from around is neck. Then, he handed it to me.
“It has all of my information engraved on it. So whenever you look at it, you’ll remember about this dream. Do you still have all three of your mockingjay pins that you had all your life?”
“Uh yeah,” I said pointing to the gold birds that were pinned on the top of my dress.
“Well, all four of those things will give you good luck, and besides, you’ll remember the dream forever, all the people who have this certain kind of dream do.” I smiled at his remark. And put the dog tag around my neck.

We spent the next three hours racing each other across the ‘meadow’ and climbed up all the trees to see who was better.

“That was so fun.” I smiled my first actual smile in a while.
“Yeah that was awesome, I can’t believe that I can see you after such a long time.” Rowan stated before giving me a kiss on the lips.
But then, everything around me started fading. What’s happening?
“ What’s happening!?!” I asked confused. I hugged Rowan but my arms went right through him.
“You’re waking up. So just remember this, whenever you want me to visit you down on earth, or want me to visit you in your dreams, just call my name.”

“Ok, bye, I love you.” I said.
“To the moon and back.” Rowan said back to me. At this point I couldn’t see anything, everywhere I looked, I saw grey. But before I actually woke up I heard Rowan’s soft voice.

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