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Hi my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm going to tell you some things so start taking notes. I was the victor of the 64th hunger games when I was 15. I was the girl of ice. Now I'm 25 and have already mentored for Katniss and Peeta with Haymich and all that jazz. But the twist in the third quarter also involves that 3 victors would be reaped and would fight to the death once again. But what really scares me most is that Katniss doesn't want to be allies with me.


2. The cut

I woke up to the sound of soft crying coming from maybe two or three houses down. It obviously couldn't have been Haymich or Peeta because the whimpers were high pitched. "prim" I whispered. I put on my beanie and ran downstairs in my pajamas, I lived in my own victors house because well 1, I'm an adult (25 years) and 2, my mom would not accept living in that house yet. I quickly checked my watch (the watch:mockingjay-watch-150x150 it was a wristwatch) which read 1:30. 

"oh Prim, why are you up so late?" I said to myself. I opened the door just to figure out that it was freezing. My teeth started chattering as I made my way to the rest of my family's house. I pulled the spare key out of my pocket and I stuck it inside the lock. The front door creaked open as I tip toed upstairs to Prim's room. I just realized something, Prim has her own room in this huge house, it was nothing like the old hovel we used to have. But I do love that house, sometimes when nobody knows, I just hang out there or spend the night (their old house not the victors house.) 

I opened the door and found Prim sitting with her back facing me while clutching her arm. "Prim? what happened?" "It's just me, Haden."

"Oh" she spoke quietly. "what happened?" 

" I-I got cu-ut, I was going to the bathroom to get a glass of water, but on the way something sharp cut me and I think it's pretty deep" Prim explained.
I examined her cut under some light. "Wow, It's deep, and it does need some stitches, but you'll be fine." I gave her a smile and a hug. It's weird that she doesn't know what to do considering that Prim is like a doctor. I love prim so much you don't even understand.

"Where do you guys keep your medical supplies?" I asked. "Look in my bathroom in the right cabinet." Prim told me.
I walked over to the right cabinet and opened it. I grabbed the medium sized box and walked back over to Prim. 

"do you know what cut you?" 

"no I didn't check." she said. something about this didn't seem right. But I had to help Prim's wound before I asked anymore questions.

"alright," I whispered. "First I'll put that disinfectant stuff to keep it clean. then I'll have to give you 5 stitches, then I'll give it a bandage. sound good?"
Prim nodded. I got the small spray bottle and sprayed the stuff all over her left arm. After that, I searched through the bag for a needle and thread for the stitches. I inserted the needle inside her skin and weaved it shut. 

"Owww" Prim whimpered. Her eyes were red and puffy and she was shaking. "you cold?" I asked.

"uh, yeah" she replied. I gave her one of those 'what the heck' looks but I shrugged it off. "do you want my sweater?" Well I wouldn't really take no for an answer so I took off my sweater and gave it to her. That left me in only my sports bra. Well whatever, she's my sister why does it matter.

"are you done." Prim asked.  "not quite yet, I need to get some snow and let it stay on your arm for a few minutes and then put a wrap around it."

"ok"  I ran outside as quiet as I possibly could without waking anyone up. I had a wooden bowl in one hand and the other hand was putting snow into the small bowl. I ran back into the house and poured the snow I had into a bag. 

    "hey Prim, I have the snow." I set the bag on her arm and she held it in place. 

*a couple of minutes have passed*

" Prim almost done ok?" I fished the cloth wrap out of the bag. I started wrapping the cloth around Prim's cut. "There, I'm done." I smiled, pleased with my work.

"Thanks" Prim smiled.  "love you" I said as Prim handed me my sweater so I could go back to my house. But before I did, I had to ask Prim the one question that has been bothering me for the whole night. "Prim, are you sure you don't know what cut you?"

"uh... uh-uhhhh" Prim hesitated as if she were debating to tell me weather or not to tell me the truth. "Ok, I'll tell you, You know how in the basement in your house you have all those weapons and targets for you to train with?" Yeah that's true. My basement's full of targets and weapons to practice with. I have it just incase you know, something happens. then, I'll be trained for it.

"uh yeah, what about it?" I replied getting slightly worried.    " I went in there and tried to do what I saw you doing so if something bad happened then I would be able to help you." "so, I-I cut myself trying to do it."  After she said that I gave her the biggest hug that a 25 year old could ever possibly give.

"don't do that ever again... please" I whispered.          

"I'm sorry" Prim apologized. I gave her another hug in forgiveness. "love you" I smiled as I walked out the door.
I hurried out of the house and checked my watch again 7:30 I better get changed for hunting. The door to my house creaked open as I stepped inside.I jogged up the staircase to my room. I grabbed my very worn out hunting boots and set them on my bed. My dog Duke, ShadowOct2908_238_by_xXPayneXx barked at me and gestured to the door. Duke does hunting with me, Katniss, and Gale. He used to be my dad's dog but when I survived the hunger games my dad gave Duke to me. He did it to "protect" me from the capitol. 

I grabbed my hunting clothes and changed into them, Then I started walking over to the woods. As I was about to go through the fence I heard tons of screaming. And those screams were coming from the one and only, Gale Hawthorne in the town square.

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