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Hi my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm going to tell you some things so start taking notes. I was the victor of the 64th hunger games when I was 15. I was the girl of ice. Now I'm 25 and have already mentored for Katniss and Peeta with Haymich and all that jazz. But the twist in the third quarter also involves that 3 victors would be reaped and would fight to the death once again. But what really scares me most is that Katniss doesn't want to be allies with me.


1. Haden Everdeen

Hi, my name is Haden Everdeen and I'm 25 years old. I was the victor of the 64 hunger games at age 15. As you are probably thinking, I am the older sister of Katniss Everdeen. let me tell you a bit about myself. my eye colors change throughout the day here are all my different eye colors, I also have dark brown hair. My hair when it's not straightened (pretty much my hair on a daily basis) looks like this,  My favorite colors are grey, blue, and green. And yes, I have mentored for Katniss and Peeta (but with Haymich because my past relationships with tributes weren't so well) I am very talented with weapons and the victors say that I'm amazing in combat. When I was in the hunger games, it wasn't because I was reaped, it was because I volunteered. 


I saw this years escort walk up onto the stage to begin the reaping.   the loud click clacking of her high heels didn't nearly help the suspense that everyone was going through. I took a look back at 2 year old Prim, 6 year old Katniss, my mom, and my dad standing towards the back of the town square since katniss and prim were not yet old enough  to stand alone. I looked down at what I was wearing, and yes, I am wearing three different pins. I looked like this at the time, Cute-Angled-Hairstyles just I look a bit younger. the escort Prine Flamsteed started talking about random nonsense that no one really cared about. but then she said "as always, Ladies first.” This started scaring the shit out of me, because she made eye contact with me and then reached her hand into the glass bin. 

"Ella ..." Prine stated. I didn't even hear her last name. But what she looked like caught me by surprise. she was on crutches and had trouble waking. she would never make it out alive in this state.

So out of the blue I yelled, "I volunteer!" I ran up the pathway and gave her a pat on the back. I can't believe I just did that. I'm gonna die, no doubt about it. I didn't even know her but I decided to take her place anyway.

End of flashback

so anyway since i won the 64 hunger games, because I volunteered, Katniss  has been pretty angry at me. When she was truly old enough to understand why I volunteered and that I did, she has been so distant from me. Whenever I ask her why she's mad that I volunteered I always get the same answer. "you could've died out there, and you were willing to give up your life for someone you didn't even know!"
But me, Gale, and Katniss still go hunting together no matter what because Gale insists. and to make things clearer later on, I'm the mockingjay not Katniss. And I have two mockingjay pins one given to me by my dad and the other was given to me by Mage. 

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