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  • Published: 12 Apr 2014
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1. Arsonist

Home  »  Creative  » Arsonist Arsonist By Rin K May 25th, 2013

The house was quiet when it started. A light flickering in the window at first, then it grew and suddenly the flames were devouring everything they could touch.

The fire started in the kitchen, where the mother was. She was frozen, unable to call out in terror to warn her family. It came next to the father, who had no vision despite having both eyes. He didn’t even look up as the flames engulfed him, already greedily looking for its next victims.

The children were next, being on the second floor in their rooms. There was no screaming, or desperately running to try to save themselves. To an outsider, it must have looked like they had just accepted their fates.

The dog was last, curled up in the attic. The flames reached it, almost, nearly catching it. But the dog’s saviour came at the last minute. A hand reaching out to grab it, not trying to run down the stairs and out the door, simply soaring out of the window to the safety of outside.

The boy stared at the miniature dog in his hand. He drew his eyes from it and stared at the burning house as the hand that wasn’t clutching the dog put out the fire with the extinguisher.

The smell of smoke filled the room and, coughing the boy withdrew, casting one last, satisfactory glance at the blackened doll’s house.

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