Don't you remember!

Niall met Lilly on the plane! She seemed to know him a bit to well! But how. She knows more than the fans. He needs to find out how.


2. Nialls PROV!

The welcome home party was grate! I did wake up to a slight head ack but nothing I couldn't handle I said to my self. I got my phone from my bed side locker, and went on Twitter. 'Just after waking up, had a gut night with friends and family'

I tweeted.

I got up and went down stairs to get some breakfast, my mum was already in the kitchen cooking a good Irish fry. I really missed Irish frys! I don't know what it was that made them Irish...they just were! I scoffed it down and went back up stairs to my room.

I was scrolling through my contacts cause I was going to text Harry, but then I saw that girl from the planes number. She seemed like she knew me not like a fan, but like she personally knew me it was weird. She was hot I have to admit.

I clicked into her number and was about to press call when Greg came in with theo in his arms he startled me a bit cause I didn't expect him to barge in saying "Uncle Niall, theo do your remember this nutter!" He said laughing.

"Hey, helloww theo you've gotten big! How about we go down stairs" I said while taking theo into my arms. "Ya sure, we don't want to smell your sweaty socks do we!" Greg said winking with a smile on his face.

*1 hour later*

Theo had gone home and I want back up to my room to call Lilly I really wanted to know wat she was going to say to me.


Lilly: hello. Who's this?

Niall: oh hey it's Lilly right? It's Niall!

Lilly: ya it is. Oh hey Niall. Do you wanna meet up?

Niall: we'll ya I was kinda wondering what you wanted to tell me. You know about yesterday on the plane!

Lilly: ya sure do you want to meet at the tree house in a hour?

Niall: wait! What! How do you know about the tree house! No one knows only the boys and 3 of my friends.

Lilly: oh'll find out when I tell you the story. Sorry! I'll see ya there in a hour. I'm really sorry. Oh and you can't tell anyone your going to see me. Please. I'm really sorry

Niall: amm...ya okk

Lilly: ok see ya there

*line goes dead*

That was weird, there was so many questions running through my head.

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