Don't you remember!

Niall met Lilly on the plane! She seemed to know him a bit to well! But how. She knows more than the fans. He needs to find out how.


3. Half the Story!

We met at the tree house and said our hello's and she started to tell me how I apparently new her.

"Ya am so...I guess I..i...well I'll start with how we met..."

I was 13 years old and me and my friend Shauna were going shopping for a dress because, she was going to a wedding. We had been looking around for an hour. I was so hungry so we stopped at Costa. I ordered hot chocolate with a chocolate bun, and Shauna ordered coffee. We were talking about where we should go next...when Shauna got a call. " could....what colour....I don't know........ok.....ya....we will...bye." "Who was it?" I asked not really caring. "Oh it was just my dad he wants me to buy him a tie...he said he wanted a bluie kinda one, you can help me find one in the menswear section...let's gooooooo!" She said while picking up her handbag and pulling the sleeve if my hoddie making me stand up and follow after her. When we got there we were walking thorough the shop, looking for the ties when someone shouted our shauna's name. We both turned around and this quite pretty brown haired girl was running towards shauna, I looked over to shauna and she had a huge smile spread across her face. "Hey amm, I'm probably gonna take a do you wanna go ahead and look for a tie, or if you are really tired like you said you could go home." She winked, I knew she wanted Me to wait for her. "I guess I'll wait, I'll look for a tie...but if your really long...we'll you can find me in Mc Donald's" I said, she laughed and said "of corse if not there probably the nearest restaurant!" She laughed "ya, ya, ya, see ya later!" I said trying to hide my smile. When I was with her I couldn't help smile...even if I was havin a bad day...I don't know how she did it though!

I was walking around and I her my phone beep in my bag. I went to pull it out of my bag when someone ran by me giving me a little shove and everything fell out of my bag. "Shit, that ass hole at least have the decency to say sorry." I Bent down to pick everything up and put it back in. When I felt someone standing over me. I looked up and there was this boy around my age standing there with a big smile on his face. "Do you need help he asked I could tell he was trying not to laugh. "Do you find this funny?" U asked in a jokey tone. "No no not at all. I just thought you might need a bit of help Lilly?" That's really creepy how'd he know my he some sir of stalker. By this time everything was in my bag and u was standing up facing him. "How'd you know my name?" "Oh sorry that must sound really weird! Err ammm...I saw it on your key-ring with your keys it said 'Lilly' so I guess it is your name? Ya? Oh my names niall....oh god I probably sound like some sort of creep...I can assure you I'm not..." He said awkwardly.

( A/N. Thank you❤️. I'll update as soon as I can when I get a chance!:). )

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