The Trilogy Begins Here... FASCINATION - FANTASY! -
The many who walk the valley below, never come out… once someone had their claws in the walls, it would all become a blur. Price-ransom is the lands of the forgotten. Creatures and beings focus on the energy around them. Forcing bits of information into someone’s mind, it takes a steady hand. Sharp claws get the job done, once blood is spilt. More and more strange things begin to take place. Horrible wraths come from those who are forgotten.
- Written By Luke J.R - Inspired By Popular Fantasy Novels - LOTR - THE HOBBIT
- Peter Jackson and many other authors have inspired me! -


1. - The Fallen Leaves - FASCINATION LORE [FIRST AGE]


- The Start of All Seasons – The First Age -


The many who walk the valley below, never come out… once someone had their claws in the walls, it would all become a blur. Price-ransom is the lands of the forgotten. Creatures and beings focus on the energy around them. Forcing bits of information into someone’s mind, it takes a steady hand. Sharp claws get the job done, once blood is spilt. More and more strange things begin to take place. Horrible wraths come from those who are forgotten.


Sworn to be kept under fire, many precious stones lurk around the corners. As fire builds up, many lives are lost. As strength grows to the habitats, it takes their weaknesses. The king of this place, he takes what he wants? Forcing fire down the throats of many!

The Magma Forests

I’ve been sent down for murder of our own kind. The faces haunt me, they see me for something I’m not. I feel the blood draining from me as they placed the grater on my skin. Dark purple glowing tubes forced through flesh, I feel it, and it burns! They kept their voices to a minimum, making hardly any sound. The sound of lava breaking away terrain is all that can be heard. Burnt forests, trees without souls. I’ve had to watch dying trees with their faces crumbling into ashes. Nobody stands a chance down here, not even above here…

“She is not to be trusted, she had no intention on keeping us alive!” The young sapling spoke.

“Order! – Bu fool. I’ve seen the lights…” the lord whispered.

“…I-I don’t know what this is! – I’m not a murderer!” I screamed.

“…So you say… we can only trust the shields. The forces between our worlds…”

“Shut up! – This thief, I’ve faced them… they all say the same bloody thing!” The lord shouted.

“Liar!” The innocent audience cried.

“Liar…? Liar?! I have you know… that they carve into our bark! – Cutting deeper, and deeper…”

“Quiet! – Keep the Lord busy!” The female sapling shouted.

The Lord of the magma forests. It brought justice, and it wanted what I couldn’t give it. A statement, something to confirm the deaths of the saplings. Its kind and my kind, we don’t mix well… we’ve been at each other’s throats constantly. The past seasons have been full of blood and sap. They don’t mix well either… it looks worse than a blood bath! – It is nothing more than a horrific image implanted in your mind.

As the female sapling shouted, the lord’s daughter. The lord was held back, its branch like arms forced into the hands of hooded Death servants. From the underworld, and the upper-earth. All rise and branch off each other. If you were lucky, you’d be expecting a call from the Gods we serve. Tree Lords, they are just painless. One of their bits can leave a dent in your skin. If you were to be bitten hard, you’d fail to understand pain ever again! Sometimes they mix their sharp bark like teeth with magma. Some stronger trees can handle the burns… some can’t… the lord of the magma forests suffered severe burns from the widows and the kingdom of flies…

The seasons that pass by interrupted the healing of the magma-forest. Due to the other forests growing quickly over-time. There was a lot of the offspring dying off, becoming shrivelled bark, foiled trees. Rotting away in a burial of orange leaves. It didn’t take long for the ancient wonder to rise his arm out of the roots buried below the grounds of fire. Due to the shielding of the ancient one, an ancestor of the trees kingdom, it became an ancient prophecy to the soldiers of war. ‘Death will come upon those who’re sacred…’ it read, revealing the future of the seasons, breaking away the sanity of the trees living together. All forged under the same name, the name couldn’t be spoken or even pronounced by the tree kingdom’s. The ancient trees were nothing more than food for the words. The words itself frightened some of the ancient ones. Leading the younger ones to feel more worthy of the title to fight back. Sadly… the ashes from their family trees were the fear in a jar.

The Great Bushy Tailed Huts

Surrounded by rotting flesh and dead trees cut open, The Great Bushy Tailed Huts were just an opening to something worse. Armed with spears attached to bamboo vines and ancient flowers roots holding the weapon together. Cut stone bladed spearheads clipped on and locked in place by silk. The creatures that inhabited the tailed huts were breathers of the boggiest ponds. The lakes full of dead sap. Stickiest riverbanks, and home to the violent tree hunters. Fish’noc, an ancient deep breather. Forged and recreated by old rituals, the race returned onto land. It is unknown to why they had retreated from the deep seas below. The boggiest land seems to be their homeland from now on. And every little bit of food that is trapped, stuck helplessly in sticky goo is devoured or even captured by the Fish’nocs. The ruler of them is not quite as basic as it sounds. The fish people, as they would be named by the humans are actually just a small amount of pain in the lands of death.

The Great Stone Ascended Hills

Human territory and the thieves from below lurk around in search for food. With the humans living above the hills in structured made of fine wood. And some structured used with more special materials. Ancient wooden logs for instance, used to make home for the Queen. It isn’t a poor place to live, and isn’t the wealthiest place either. They are the misleading humans, lost due to the wars before their time. And thousands of the bones from above have sunk down below. Forging another habitat for the lost ones, and the creatures lurking in the darkness. Some of the humans from the hills have become descent to the hills, going further down in search of food. Warned multiple times by broken old signs, and still humans remain to have the sense of wonder in their minds. Sadly… most of the children growing up in the structures with families have been split-up due to these hazards. And some have slipped on slimy rocks, and fallen into the deep abyss.

Most of the ground used as paths to get to places has become harder to trust. Some of the humans became aware of this problem, and blamed the creatures that burrow into the grounds. Due to a lot of arguments over the passing ages, there has been too many problems. Far too many problems for the humans to deal with. The group, the so-called race they named themselves has become nothing but a joke to the elves and the other races. The creatures that are aware of their problems have pushed the boundaries further than ever before.

Dire Woods & Corrupted Forests

Dark and full of horrors, the Dire Woods is home to the wolves. And all the creatures living with four legs lurk in the darkness of the woods. Corruption from the corrupted forests that started from some other region had spread throughout the Dire Woods. Half of the woods have become unstable, and trees falling due to lack of light. Leaves dropping off, dying due to the darkness devouring sunlight. With all the broken branches with bite marks crested on the roots, it is no wonder why Dire Woods has become something so dangerous to live in. Dire Woods was a place where humans would celebrate with the trees, and live up to their regrets. Meeting the trees and speaking to them with kind words. It healed the wounds of many, but now… darkness consumes the trees energy, taking over the heart and soul in the woods and the forests close by.

The Ancient Tree Gods are blamed for the missing children and parents disappearing in the forests and not coming back. The Ancient Tree Gods no longer serve any mean to the humans, and are at war with each-other.

Dire Woods – Burrows & Hidden Ravines –

Spiders and all sorts of insects mixed hybrids lurk in the burrows and the hidden ravines. Some ravines share light with only the slightest tint of daylight. Spiders prefer the darkness, hiding underneath some of the pathways forged by humans. Intelligent and knowing their area quite well, it is no wonder to why the humans don’t come back in one piece. Different types of spiders hide further away from the common ones. The common ones being the strongest, and powerful enough to gather human flesh for a full season. Using sticky webs and silk nets to trap prey, and feast upon the deaths of many. There are queen spiders, and even kings, however the kings are lacking… dying due to the Queens hunger. All the Queens feast on the male spiders. Eventually, they settle and build an offspring in their hidden locations. Hiding away for another season to come and awaken them. Winter doesn’t occur often in the Dire Woods, which is why it is perfect for the spiders to live in. Some of the spiders don’t get on and fight for space. The biggest spiders use trees as barricades.

Scorpion-like creatures mixed with the eyes of a wasp also lurk in the burrows. Mostly being killed by the spiders, they are quick and can strike at any second they wish to. Due to their fast reactions to any unexpected strikes or lunges, the scorpion-like creatures will escape death. Which is why they are called the Death-escapists. Ancient trees foretold this fairy tale to many of the living creatures, humans included. Bringing fear to all the living things in the regions. Humans who have nothing but wooden shelters are attacked occasionally. With half of their population being taken out by a horde of other creatures joining in on the raids from the Death-escapists.

Corrupted Dwarves Mines

Corrupted over Ages, the Dwarves Mines have become home to the angriest wolves in the region. Old equipment and ores worth a whole lot of gold rust away day after day. Some of the giant spiders are rumoured to have hid away further down the Mines. Which is why the Dwarves have mentioned to their families and offspring that web was seen. A whole lot of web, being the reason to why the Mines became darker every night that went by. With one Dwarf less each week, it became harder to work in the sticky conditions. And now… the Dwarves Mines have become corrupted, they fled and headed for the hills.

Uprooted Jungles & Swollen Pools & Human Barracks

Uprooted Jungles didn’t occur until after the Fallen Leaves age had finished. However, it is mentioned by the Elves, they knew that some of the forests were going to grow rapidly. With heart and soul being pushed into the roots, forced to grow. And so much daylight, some of the forests became thirsty for moisture. With refreshing water being drenched over the roots, the trees grew happily. Over time, and the Fallen Leaves Age almost coming to an end, the Uprooted Jungles were born…

Swollen Pools being many little lakes, ponds around the forests and the soon to be Uprooted Jungles. These pools gave birth to the new born Elves, after the Elves becoming more intelligent and more confident with what they were doing… they used some of the Dwarves potions and mixed it in with their offspring’s blood. This made the waters turn a little redder in colour, and becoming blood baths for some land creatures. The Elves may have got what they needed, with the cost of endangering their own breeds.

Human Barracks built around the forests and not far away from the Swollen Pools, Humans had a great water supply, and had faith in the many pools scattered throughout the lands. Most of the regions were all full of water, and some of the pools were being used for other needs. Elves tainted some of the pools, bringing to life a new race. Human’s normal instincts becoming darker and more brutal instincts. The Elves blood had mixed in with human’s blood. And this forged a new race, bringing to life a darkness far worse than the ancient trees.

Reaper Shallows & Night-Light Caverns

Reaper Shallows being a place where the dead go and rest in peace. Skeleton uprooted from underneath and strange abominations took over the grounds of Reaper Shallows. With mist and high fog, it was a wonder to how the creatures knew their surroundings. Night-Light Caverns seemed to be a way for the creatures to see each-other. At first, it started with brutal battles between their own kinds. And the abominations of all sorts of creatures disagreeing with each-other.

Reaper Shallows is also home to the dead dragons, dragons that had been slain by Dwarves and humans. Some of the dragons were buried in caverns, deep below the surface. So deep, that it would take lot of time just to reach their burials.

There are more regions to explore... and a whole lot more areas to discover.

- Inspired By: Peter Jackson, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit -

Author's Note: I expect some hate, but I hope for no hate. (Sounds stupid?) Well, I'd just like to see your responses to this Lore. I have taken my own mind and placed it on paper... (well on a Notepad.) It started off on Paper. And then went to MS Word. 


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