Long distance friendships are pretty common these days. And so, I guess are long distance relationships. Some may frown upon them, whereas others find it almost normal. Millie Townsley is one of those who finds it easier to talk online. Her life outside of the internet is pretty tough, so she turns to James Miller for advice and support. But life through the internet isn't at all any easier. Not when she's fallen in love with her best friend who lives in a whole other country. Oh, and the fact that he may never feel the same way.


4. Update.

So I know a few of you like this story I have been writing, Invisible. But I don't really like the way I am going with it. So I have actually started writing the whole thing over. And I don't plan on posting it until I am really sure that I love it. I can't be posting work that I don't really like all that much. I have to be 100% I know where it's going to end. So I'm sorry, for not finishing it as it is. But I will be re-posting new chapters once they are written. 


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