Hey, I'm making an imagine book. I'm putting up imagines I've got from others and I also do requests. So if you want one, just comment name, boy, how you look, a little bit about you and how you want the imagine ����❤️
(I don't do dirty ones, sorry)

It would be nice if you favourited the Movella if you sent a request. Then you will know when it's up ��


18. For Natasha with Hayes

Natasha's P.O.V

It is volleyball practice and my boyfriend Hayes is waiting for me. He has been watching half of my practice. It looks like he is making a vine , or he's just taking a selfie or something...

As practice is over I'm walking over to Hayes. When I approach him I softly kiss him on the lips.

"You were brilliant today." Hayes says looking me in the eyes, smiling.

"Thanks." I smile widely back at him. He kiss me one more time before taking my hand and pulling me against a car.

The car turned out to be Cameron's, and apparently he was going to drive us somewhere.

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously.

"To a date." He answered.

"But I'm all sweatty and stinky!" I complained.

"It doesn't matter, at the end of the date I will also be sweatty and stinky." He smirked.

"What are we going to do?"

"Wait and see." He said looking real mysterious.

We went to laser tag and we had a lot of fun despite the fact that our team lost. Hayes was right though. At the end he was also all sweatty and stinky.

Hey, I'm so super sorry that it had to take two months before you got your imagine Natasha, but here it is, and I hope you like it :)


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