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24. For Lilly with Ashton part 2

Lilly's P.O.V

Me and Alex is in the park waiting for the boys.

"So I saw you and Ashton shared a kiss last night." Alex smirked at me. I slightly blushed.

"He tricked me." I blushed even more.

"But you liked it."

"Yeah, after all it was the boy I've dreamed to kiss for too long." I said with a dreamy voice.

"Well here they come." I looked up and saw them coming closer.

"I'm sorry we're late, but Luke had to play on one of the playgrounds we passed." Ashton said giggling at Luke who made a sad face.

"We can go back to the playground! I want to play too!" Alex said as the childish person she is.

"Yaay!" Luke said.

Luke, Alex and Calum ran to the playground, while me Ashton and Michael decided to walk.

And when we came there Luke were up in some kind of tower thing and Alex sat on Calum's shoulders reaching for Luke's foot. She managed to take it and she made Luke fall over. Michael ran over to be on Luke's side against Calum and Alex. She fitted right in with these boys.

I could feel someone taking my hand. It was Ashton pulling towards a bench.

"We'll sit here and pretend to be their parents." He said making me laugh.

"Good idea." I said using my hand to pull my hair behind my ear.

"What is that?" Ashton asked.

"What is what?" He grabbed my arm.

"This." He said pointing to my wrist with my scars on it.

"It's my battle scars," I said.

"And I know that you have some yourself." Now it was my turn to take his wrist and take aside some of his wristbands.

"You remember last night when Alex said that you'd do anything to be my girlfriend?" I nodded.

"Well in this short time we've known each other I've started to get feelings for you, so the only thing you have to do is say yes to my next question and promise me to stop cutting." He looked at me, I took a deep breath looked up at him and nodded.

"So, Lilly, do you want to be my girlfriend?

"Yes I do!" I smiled widely and hugged him. And then we shared a little kiss.

After, we both turned to see what the others were doing. And there we saw Mike and Luke with a bucket of water, I wonder where they got it.

And in front of them sat Calum and Alex kissing. Woah, what did I miss? Luke and Mike counted to three before they threw the water on Alex and Calum. They screamed and we all laughed at it.

So here are part two! Yay. Okay so if you didn't know I'm Alex, and I'm actually an Ash girl, but I wanted to be in your imagine so I wrote my self in as your best friend. Hope you don't mind :) anyway, I hope you loved it <3


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