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23. For Lilly with Ashton part 1

Lilly's P.O.V

Today I'm going to my first concert. It's really exciting. I'm going to see 5SOS. My mum got me and my best friend Alex VIP-tickets, so we get to see the sound check and we're going to stand in the golden circle and after we'll get to meet the guys.

I'm wearing a white 5SOS shirt like the one Niall Horan always wear, and a pair of black skinny jeans with black and white converse. And Alex is wearing a black 5SOS shirt that she got along with her cd, and a pair of red pants and light grey converse.

I'm all for Ashton while she is all for Calum, and I have a plan to spill that news for him when we meet them. Haha I feel evil.

"Come on, we need to leave. Now!" Alex is starting to get stressed about leaving.

"Chill out, I'm ready now, so let's go!" I said taking her hand and going to the arena.

The concert was amazing and we were so starstrucked because the guys had waved to us, so by the time we got in line to meet them, we were the last ones in the line.

And there were already three pair of fans who had met the guys. There were still two pairs of fans in front of us, or only two fans because the other two were in with the guys.

"I still can't believe that they waved at us!" Alex whisper squealed to me.

"Me neither, and you know, Calum was watching you through the whole 'Try Hard' song!" I squealed back.

"He did not!"

"He did!"

Before we knew it the other fans came out and their bodyguard said that we could go in.

"Hi!" They all said when we went in.

"Hey!" We said back at them.

Alex' P.O.V

Once we came in and greeted each other I could see Ashton freezed while looking at Lilly.

After we talked a little Lilly spoke up.

"You know Calum, Alex here really likes you, and I couldn't help but notice that you couldn't take your eyes off of her during 'Try Hard'." My eyes widened and I punched her in the arm.

"Well did you Ashton know that Lilly loves you and would do anything to be your girlfriend?"

"You didn't!"

"Oh, I did!"

"Hey girls! Stop fighting!" Ash and Cal said to us.

Lilly's P.O.V (again)

I can't believe she told Ashton! But we stopped 'fighting' when they told us to.

"I'm sorry Lilly." Alex said looking down.

"I'm sorry too Alex." I said and we hugged.

"That's better." The guys said.

This was the best night ever! Me and Alex got the guys' numbers and since tomorrow is their day off they wanna hang out!

And Ashton told me to kiss his cheek, but last minute he turned his head so we kissed on the lips!! I'm so in love!

Hey Lilly! It took a while, but I wanted to make it perfect, I know it isn't, but it's the best I could do. As you can see this is only part 1, and Ashton haven't seen your scars yet, but let me know if you want part two and I promise it'll happen then!


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