Hey, I'm making an imagine book. I'm putting up imagines I've got from others and I also do requests. So if you want one, just comment name, boy, how you look, a little bit about you and how you want the imagine ����❤️
(I don't do dirty ones, sorry)

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29. For Forest with Michael

Michael's P.O.V

"Is everything ready?!" I shout as everyone of the guests are here for Forest's birthday party.

"Not yet!"

"What's missing, please tell me Cal!"

"You getting Forest is the only thing missing."

"Oh right! I'm on my way!"

Forest's P.O.V

This will be the best birthday ever! Michael is taking me on a date and I just got a text saying he is on his way to pick me up.

~5 minutes later~

*knock, knock* I ran to the door and swung it open.

"Hey babe." Michael says before pecking my lips.

"Ready to go?" I ask taking his hand. He smiles at me and lead me to his car. He opens the door and I step in to the car. He hurried around and got in.

"Here, put this on." He handed me a scarf.

"Okay.., but why?"

"To cover your eyes." I did as he said, still very curious.

~skip the ride~

Soon the car stops and I can hear a door open and close. I take off my seatbelt as the door on my side opens up. Michael takes my hand and help me out of the vertical.

We walk for a little while before we stop. I can hear a door opening. I'm guided a few more steps forward and then I hear the door close behind me. Michael take away the scarf in front of my eyes and reveal a room full of all my friends and some family..

"Surprise!!" They all shouted as I could feel my eyes water.

"You tricked me!" I said punishing Michael brotherly in the shoulder laugh-crying. I kissed him on the lips before I got the party started.

Hey, Forest! I hope you like the imagine. It's way overdue, but I hope it's what you wanted.


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