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22. For Chloe with Louis

Chloe's P.O.V

Me and Louis are at the mall today. We've been here for an hour or so, and I am starting to get a little tired.

"Hey Clo! You wanna join on something awesome?" Louis ask excitedly.

"Sure! What is it?" I answer.

"Just follow me, and you'll find out soon enough." He smirks.

"Okey." I smile and follow him. We went over to a TopShop nearby. Louis took my hand an with his other hand he grabbed two gigantic pink bras. After he got a hold of the bras he dragged me into one of the big changing rooms.

Once we were private in the changing room he took his shirt off handing it to me along with one of the bras, the other one he put on himself.

"Oh shoot!"

"What is it Lou?" I asked holding back my laugh.

"I forgot stuffing…" he said.

"Can you go get some socks and undies Clo?" He looked beggingly at me.

"Of course, I'll be back in two." I walked out and found eight pairs of undies and four pairs of socks, then I went back to Lou.

"Here you go." I said handing him the 'stuffing'. He stuffed the bra with the four pairs of socks and the eight pairs of undies. He then reached for his shirt.

"Now you take off your shirt and put on that bra." He pointed to the bra in my hands.

"I've already got a bra on…"

"Not an oversized pink one with stuffing."

"But you used all the stuffing." He stuck his head out of the curtain thing, reached for something that turned out to be two small shirts.

"Use these as stuffing." He said handing me the shirts. I took them and put them on the tiny bench in here. I took my shirt off and put on the big pink bra over the one I was already wore. When I got it on I picked up the shirts and stuffed them in between my chest and the big bra.

"Now what?"

"Pick up your shirt and take my hand." I did as he said, and once I took his hand he pulled me out in the shop. Then we walked around the shop for about ten minutes before one of the girls working there came over to us and a little hesitantly told us to put our shirts on and leave. So we put our shirts on over the bras and started to walk out, but before we reached the exit Louis pushed me against a wall and kissed me.

"Take your hand under my shirt pretending to touch my boobs." Louis whispered me. I laughed a little and did as he said.

Suddenly Louis was dragged away from me. It was Paul.

"Hey Paul, what are you doing here?" Louis asked him.

"I got a call from Niall saying that I should check out what you were doing, and once I came here this lady told me that the two of you were causing trouble. So now I'm taking you two back to the hotel." He said grabbing our arms and dragging us out. The alarm went off because we still had the bras on. Once the alarm went of Louis smirked at me, and I smirked back at him. Paul looked a little done with the both of us.

He took us back in and made us take of the bras with stuffing in the middle of the shop. It was quite awkward, because by now loads of fans and a couple of paparazzi's were here to document the whole thing.

Safely back at the hotel Paul sat us down in a sofa and just looked down at us as if he were our dad and we were in big trouble.

"I understand that Louis could come up with something like this, but you Chloe? I'm really disappointed in you." I looked down at my lap.

"I would've punished you, but it's not within my power to do that. So off you go." He said waving us off. We got up and walked in to our room. Once the door was closed, we burst out laughing.

"Today was the most fun I've had in ages. Thanks Louis." I said hugging him

"You're welcome. I also had a lot of fun today. I didn't think you would actually join in, so thank you for doing that." He kissed me.

"You're welcome." I said kissing him back passionately.

Hey Chloe! It's up, yay. It is a little long, but I hope you don't mind… have fun wherever you are going! :)


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