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6. For Alondra with Louis and Niall

Alondra's P.O.V

Finally it's Friday! Me and my two best buds are having movie night every Friday, and since my life without them kinda sucks, I always look forward to Friday. Yeah, I'm kinda in the popular gang, but that doesn't make my life perfect. At least I have Lou and Ni. I can always count on them.

They'll be here with the groceries any minute. It's always like this. I go home and make my bed ready for three people to sit there the rest of the day, then I pick out either a series to have a marathon on or a lot of cool movies. And right after school they always go to the store to buy all kinds of crisps and candy.

"Hey, babe we're home!" Louis shouts into the house. He's lucky my parents aren't home yet. They hate it when the guys call me babe. They're really overprotective parents, and the only reason I'm aloud to have them over every Friday is that we've been best buds since pre-school.

"Hey! We all know that you two are the babes here!" I shout back at them while throwing the last pillows on to my bed.

"We know." Niall says sticking his head in my room. He ends up almost squishing the groceries because Louis pushed him inside.

"Lou! Watch the food!" Both me and Niall screams at Lou, as I'm checking if the food made it.

"You were lucky this time Tommo, but don't expect to be lucky every time." I said pointing my finger at him.

"Haha, I'm sorry Alondra, but Niall was standing in my way."

"I'll take no excuses sir. This is your last warning."

I took the bags from him and put them on my desk, I took the other bags lying on the floor as well. I put all the stuff at my desk and pushed it in front of my bed.

After I jumped into the bed covering myself with the blankets.

"What movies did you find for today?" Niall asked me walking over to my TV.

"We're watching RJ Berger on Netflix tonight." I answered.

"Seriously?" Louis said.

"Do you even know what it is."

"We would rather watch-"

"Yeah I know, you would rather watch Blue Mountain State. Turn it on Niall."

"Seriously? Are you letting us watch that on your Netflix? Your parents are gonna flip if they find out!" Louis said excitement growing on his face.

"Never in a million years would I let you watch that on my Netflix. You guys put on the little mermaid."

"C'mon, not that shitty movie again. We've seen it the last three weeks." Niall complained.

"Pursuit of happiness?" I tried.

"I don't th-" Niall started.

"Yes! We haven't watched that movie in ages!" Louis cut him of.

"Alright then." Niall put the movie in and we literally watched all the movies with both Will and Jaden Smith.

I hope you liked it Alondra. I made them both your best friends, but I'll make you a new one if you don't like it :)


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