Hey, I'm making an imagine book. I'm putting up imagines I've got from others and I also do requests. So if you want one, just comment name, boy, how you look, a little bit about you and how you want the imagine ����❤️
(I don't do dirty ones, sorry)

It would be nice if you favourited the Movella if you sent a request. Then you will know when it's up ��


15. A/N

Hey! First of all I want to say thank you for 106 views in one week!!!! Thank you so much.

If you have an imagine you want I'm free today, but I can't do any tomorrow and I will see if I can put one up on Thursday as well, but only if I get requests. I'm free Friday, but I won't be able to this weekend. After that I'm free, I think!

Anyway I made this to thank everyone that read this movella, keep reading it!


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