Divided between those who contribute to society, the effcient, and the inefficients who take oxygen without giving any back it paints a society that could become our reality if we don't solve the carbon dioxide problem soon and genetic modification goes that bit too far unchecked.


6. Annalise

~~When I think the gas has finally left my lungs I rub the water out of my eyes then stand up. The others aren’t in much better condition, they’re still coughing. I look over at Roebai as he splutters a little in the corner. I hope he chokes on it, I think then feel a little guilty, but only a little. Casper walks over to me and hands me a water bottle.

“Here, it helps,” he says and I nod gratefully.
“Thanks,” I mumble and take the bottle from him. After I’ve taken a few swigs of the water my throat doesn’t feel like it’s on fire anymore and I breathe easier. “Where to now?” I ask and the boys give me a weird look.

“To wonderland,” Roebai says from across the room, “Where do you think we’re going?” he continues then shakes his head. I look at Casper for help and he sighs “Back to the work camps” He says flatly then picks up his rucksack from the floor.
I stare at them in confusion, I can’t go to the work camps, they’re for the inefficient, I have to go home. I look around but have no idea where I am and asking them to show me the way home would be suicide. If they found out I was efficient they’d either kill me on the spot of hold me for ransom. I guess the best plan would be to go along with them to the work camp then ask a guard to take me home.
While I was busy deciding what to do Robai, Casper and Clay had discussed the best plan for tonight. “We think the best plan would be to stay in this hostel for tonight then set of early for the work camp tomorrow,” Casper explains and I nod. “Do you have enough money to stay here tonight?” he asks and I nod knowing my purse has enough money inside here to buy the hostel. He nods then walks over to the man at the bar. Robai is watching me from across the room and I just narrow my eyes at him then march over to the bar to wait behind Casper.
“You’re cute when you’re angry” I hear a voice whisper from behind me and I know who it is without turning around, I can still smell the alcohol on his breath. I shiver with disgust while he laughs darkly behind me.
Casper finishes booking the rooms and I quickly hand over the money for mine then take the key from the man behind the bar. He winks at me and I step away, startled. I’m not used to the way the inefficient flirt with each other like its second nature. I quickly mumble goodnight to the boys then run up the stairs to find my room.
Inside I sigh with relief at the sudden quietness. I take a few deep breaths then drop down onto the bed. It squeaks when I land on it but that doesn’t bother me, I just feel relieved that I survived that attack. Who was it by? Was it the rebellion I’s heard about on the news? Or was it some kind of terrorist attack?
I spot a TV in the corner of the room and switch it on, hoping it will supply me with the answers I need. I find the news channel and stare in shock as my father’s face appears on the screen.
“Earlier this evening, Charles Morgestern was shot while he was out looking for his daughter in the Summer Solstice festival. The identity of the shooter is unknown but the Police are saying that they must be part of the same organisation who caused the gas attack today. The whereabouts of Annalise Morgestern is still unknown…” The words no longer reach me because I’m staring at the screen in horror. My father is dead. He was shot while trying to look for me so it makes it my fault. I cover my mouth with my hand as a sob escapes me and tears start trickling down my cheeks. I’ll never see him again, never hear his laugh, he’ll never squeeze my shoulder and tell me how proud of me he is.
Anger boils inside me at the person who did this, why? What has my father ever done? My hand scrunches the sheets on the bed as I try not to make a sound. I don’t want anyone to hear me as I cry alone in this dark room. What am I going to do now? If I go home I’ll face a million reporters all wanting to know where I’ve been, all waiting to be able to write the story blaming me for everything. I’ll have to live with my mother as she plays the part of the depressed widow. This makes me shiver, no I can’t go back. Where can I go though? I hear laughter downstairs and it gives me an idea. I’m going to go with the boys to the work camp and find my dad’s killer. This plan stops the tears and I swallow the next sob. Don’t worry dad, I think to myself, I’ll avenge you.

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