Just for fun, besides it takes far less motivation to actually complete a poem than to finish my stroy!


2. My dream

  My Dream


   I'm just an unoriginal poem, quite the cliché,

   To tell the old story we hear each day,

   Girl and boy meet, and like and like a lot,

   Well he's the catch and she's not so hot,

   Thinks about him every day, swoons and sighs

   and hopes and dreams but ultimately cries,

   There's one thing she was never told

   Not in the Disney films, those tales oversold,

   Who cares about the princess fair?

   No, it's for the unremarkable and plain I care,

   Who do they find?

   Why is it nobody seems to mind?

   Why tolerate that all men are shallow?

   No longer in rejection wallow.

   Maybe, I must believe, there exists some slight hope,

   That boys will go up and ugly girls can cope,

   But please, if you have the chance,

   Re-educate us, write a new romance,

   About some girl, average looking, kinda chubby,

  Who finds real love, bags the perfect hubby.










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