Teenage Runaways

This is a story about Luke Hemmings from 5sos falling in love with a girl named Dillan Aynes.


4. Chap #4



             Dillian's P.O.V.


                      I wake up, with my head on Luke's lap. I sit up, and wake him up. "Luke, time to get up," I say. "Hmm?" he asks, groggily. "It's time to get up," I say again. He nods his head, and kisses my forehead. "Hey! Luke, Dillian! We've gotta go! Police have been on our trail!" Calum shouts, about 12 yards away. Luke nods his head, and stands up, pulling me up after him. He raps his arm around my waist, and we walk over to everyone else, who is already packed up, and ready to go. "How close are they to us?" Luke asks. "Not too close, we've probably really got an hour before we really need to leave, but were just making sure we're safe," Ashton says. We nod our heads. This park is so pretty. We're standing right next to the pond, like, so close you could take a step over and pretty much be standing in it. The grass here is super green, and the tree's and bushes, are growing in perfect shapes. "Well, it looks like I've got just enough time to do this then," Then Luke shoves my arm, and I fly into the pond. He starts laughing, as I'm sopping wet, laying in the pond. "Luke!" I shout playfully. He chuckles. "Looks like your going to be cold tonight, you shouldn't have jumped into the pond," He jokes. "Your giving me some of your spare clothes though," I demand. "Ok," He smiles. I climb out of the pond, and try to push him into the pond, but he was too strong, he wouldn't move. I keep trying to push him in, but he stands there laughing. He turns around, and picks me up, and through me over his shoulder. "Well, time to go," He says, walking towards his long board, with me on his shoulder. I weekly punch his back, trying to get him to put me down. "Put me down!" I laugh. "Why should I?" He asks, as he starts walking down the street with every one else. "Luke Robert Hemmings, put me down this instant," I demand playfully. "Alright fine" he mumbles. He sets me down, and we keep walking, hand in hand. "Will you teach me to long board?" I ask. "Sure baby," he says. "Here," he sets his long board down for me to try. I try to stand on it, but it slipped out from underneath me, making me fall on my butt. Luke laughs, then helps me up. He grabs his board, and set it on place. He puts one foot on it, holding it still for me, then helps me on. He holds my hands, and starts pulling me down the street.

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