Teenage Runaways

This is a story about Luke Hemmings from 5sos falling in love with a girl named Dillan Aynes.


3. Chap #3



             Dillan's POV


                         We've been traveling around, havin' fun for the last week, and as everyday passes I find him more attractive. I've met some of the others, and there all pretty awesome. It's nice to be with more people like me, care free punks. "Hey! Luke! Cut it out!" I laugh, as he tickles me. "Why?" He asks, teasingly. "Stop it!" I giggle. He chuckles, "But I like torturing you." "Luke! That tickles!" I laugh. He smirks, "It's suppose to," then he stops. "Your a fun girl to be around," He smiles. "And your a fun boy to be around," I smile. I playfully punch his arm. I grab his phone out of his pocket and run off. "Hey!" He laughs, getting up and chases after me. We run around the park for awhile, as he chases me, trying to get his phone back from me. He finally catches up to me. He grabs my waist, and gently tackles me to the ground, grabs his phone, shoves it in his pocket, but keeps me pinned there. I'm laying on my back, looking up at him, as he has my hands next to my head, pinned to the ground. He leans in, and lightly kisses me. A smile spreads across both our faces. "Will you be mine?" He asks. I pull my head up and kiss him again. I lay my head back down and smile. "Yes," I grin. He leans in and starts kissing me, longer this time.




          He sits against a tree, as my head is on his lap, as he plays with my blonde and blue hair. "I have never known a girl like you," He states. "Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?" I smile. "It's a great thing. Your just such an amazing girl. You act like a skater girl, even though you don't know how to skate. Your a tom-boy, but at the same side, you have a girly side. Your gorgous, your funny, your perfect," He says, gently kissing my cheek. I smile, "And you are probably the most amazing, funny, daring, sexiest guy I have ever met," I say. He chuckles. We sit there, taking for awhile, and I fall asleep on his lap.

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