Teenage Runaways

This is a story about Luke Hemmings from 5sos falling in love with a girl named Dillan Aynes.


2. Chap #2



         Dillan's P.O.V.


                   I wake up, and realize my head is still on Luke's chest, I had fallen asleep that way. I shake him a bit, "Luke, time to get up." He opens his eyes slowly, and slightly groans. "Morning," He smiles. "Morning," I reply. "Your morning voice is sexy," he laughs. "So is yours," I smile. "You know, it's funny, we only met yesterday, but yet, we treat each other like we've known each other for awhile," he says with a small chuckle at the end. I laugh a bit, "Yah, true." "Lets go get some breakfast," he says. 


Sorry guys, I'm Kinda brain dead right now, I got a lot going on. Help me with some ideas? It'll be a couple days till I update, I have group activities on Tuesday, and me and '@Ko3'(the band I'm in) have a band practice, and a meeting Wednesday. We have our album release coming up pretty soon and we don't even have half of the songs ready!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! I have no idea how were going to make it!!!! Hey, once we get it released, I'll post it in a mumble so you can tell how it sounds, yah? :) wish us luck guys!

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