Teenage Runaways

This is a story about Luke Hemmings from 5sos falling in love with a girl named Dillan Aynes.


1. Chap #1



       Dillan's POV


               "Dillan, will go get check on that noise outside," my mom asks. Who on earth could be making so much noise outside, AT ONE IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!! I get up from the couch, shove my phone in my Areopostale jacket, and head outside. I look up the street and there's a big group of teens, skate boarding, biking, and running down the street screaming and shouting, excitedly. "Where are you guys going?" I shout at them as they start moving past our house. "Away from this dead beat town, wanna come with?" A blonde boy, with a lip piercing asks me. "Are you going to come back home afterwards?" I ask. "Hell no, we're never coming back," he replies, happiness springing through his deep, sexy voice. "Well in that case, I'd be happy to go," I say, a big grin spreading across my face. "Let's go then," he says. "I need to pack though," I say, turning back towards the house. He grabs my arm to stop me. "We're leaving right now, if you pack you won't be able to catch up, you'll be fine, some of the girls can lend you stuff," he says. I nod my head, and join the group of teens with him, and start running down the street. Yup, I'm a free-spirit. I'm the kind of girl who literally, runs away from home, just for the heck of it. Parents hold me down, they take away freedom, but living on the street with crazy teenagers, you've got all the freedom you could ask for! "So, what your name?" He asks. "Dillian, but call me what ever you want, I'm not picky," I smile. "Cool, I'm Luke," he says. He long boards next to me, and skates a circle around me. He smiles, "Why'd you come with us? You don't know any of us," he asks, casually. "Life suck when parents hold ya down. I needed to be free, from my pain in the ass mom," I chuckle abit. "What about your dad?" He asks. "He uh, he left my mom and i when I was 13," I sigh. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says, a bit guilty he asks. "It's fine, he was a jerk anyways, I remember him smashing beer bottles again my arms, just because he hated me, but, that's the past, it doesn't matter anymore," I say, dropping the painful subject.  "I'm sorry I asked," he says. I smile at him, and chuckle, "it's fine, like I said, it's the past, it doesn't matter anymore. What happens happens, we can't change it, so we have to move on," I smile. He returns the smile. 




       "We better stop for the night, we've been going for awhile!" A boy shouts. Everyone nods, agreeing to the idea. We've stopped at a big park, miles from home. I wander away from the group, I didn't feel like drinking with the others, not tonight anyways. I find a ace a little ways away from them, and sit down, with my back against a big tree. I just sit there, listening to my thoughts as I observe the things going on around me. "Wanna come hang out with every one?" Luke asks me. "Nah, I'm good," I reply. He sits down next to me. "You ok?" He asks me. I give him a fake smile, "Yah, I-I'm fine," I say. He presses a thumb to my cheek, and wipes a tear, I didn't realize had fallen. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Nothing," I say, looking at the ground. "Well, obviously something's wrong," He says, putting an arm around me. "I just don't know if I did the right thing. My moms on her own now, she's got no one, and neither do I. Maybe leaving wasn't such a good idea after all," I say, as another tear trickles down my peach colored cheek. "I'm here for you, and you did make the right choice, your mom should be tough enough to push through, and now you have enough freedom to be what you want to be," he says. I wipe my tears, and give home a smile, and rest my head on his chest. 

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