If I Can't Have You || Larry Stylinson

If I can't have you, Lou, then I don't see a reason.


4. { f o u r }

(Present time)

Zayn's POV

"I'm getting out of the car right now."

I said into the phone while slamming the door shut.

"Can you get my stuff?"

"No," I rolled my eyes.

"Please," Louis kept insisting.

"Why don't you just come over yourself?"

"I already told you why. I feel uncomfortable around Harry knowing he has those kinds of feelings for me," Louis explained.

"Why are you whispering," I ask.

"I don't know! Just go get my stuff."

"I don't get you Louis," I walk up the drive way and knock a few times on the door. No answer.

I try again knocking about three times. Still nothing.

"Is he not home?" Louis asks from the other line. I check to see if his car is there and sure enough, there it is.

"His car is here."

"Just open the door," Louis suggests and I do.

The first thing I notice when I enter is the T.V on with some soap opera currently on. The lights are on so he is definitely here. I walk deeper in the house and stop in front of the bathroom.

The lights are on and I hear the water running.

"He's showering," I tell Louis.

"Good. Then he doesn't have to know that we were here."

"We? Louis, you're on the phone with me while I'm here."

"Whatever. Now go get my stuff."

"Hold on, I'm going to let Harry know so he doesn't think he got robbed or something."

Louis hangs up on me and I knock on the bathroom door, "Harry!"

"Harry it's Zayn I'm here to pick something up! Is that okay?" Nothing. I shrug it off and get what I was originally here for.

Before I leave I knock on the bathroom once more," Harry!"

"Come on Harry I know you can hear me! Open up or say something!" I try another ten times and I'm still getting nothing.

I dial Louis' number.

"What's going on?" Louis asks.

"He's not answering and to be honest I'm getting quite nervous."


"Yes. I've been calling his name and he doesn't answer. Am I supposed to be scared?" I bite my nails while waiting for Louis' response.

"Open the door," Louis demands.

I turn the knob, but it's locked.

"It's locked."

"No shit Sherlock. Of course it's going to be locked."

"Louis, you're not helping."

"Okay, sorry. What I mean is like bust the door down and I'll call the rest of the boys. I'm sure it's nothing." Louis hangs up.

"Harry! Harry! Open up!" I push hard against the door, but it doesn't budge.

"Harry!" Another hard push against the door.

"Harry!" Again.

"Harry!" And again.

"Harry open up the fucking door!" Another hard push and this time I get a better result. By the next two tries I get it open.

The sight in front me scared the death out of me and for a second or two I stay completely frozen in shock. As much as I try to move I can't. My body just won't let me.

Oh my fucking God Harry. Oh my god.

I fall to my knees just staring at Harry not being able to process it. It seemed like a matter of hours before someone came in and took Harry away, but I'm sure it was much less than that. I felt a hand on my shoulders and came back to reality. Niall looked at me with tears falling out of his blue eyes. I looked over at Liam and he was with the paramedics talking to them, more like sobbing, and eventually getting in the ambulance with them. Lastly, I looked over at Louis and the sight made my heart break. He was sitting in a corner with his knees up to his chest and his head covered in his knees while sobbing. The sobs were loud and it literally looked like Louis could die of crying.

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