hunger games hell

Auna has been entered into the hunger games with Louis Tomlinson. They have been warned about the consequences from carelessness. Since Auna's parents are her mentors, because they won the last hunger games, she knows nearly every tactic that there is to learn. What will happen when Auna Mellark and Louis Tomlinson go head to head with 22 other tributes to the death?


1. The Beggining

In the beginning there was nothing, then god came along.

Auna's P.O.V

I'm Auna, I'm 17 and I'm in...The Hunger Games......



"Mum! Dad! I'm home!" I shouted.

"Okay" said my 'mum'. She's not my real mum, I'm a foster child and I live in Panem. I used to have a older brother but he left for college and I got put back in foster care for another 2 years before I got adopted into this family. No one in the foster care liked me, I got called names and people thought I was full on sneid when the only people who were sneid where the Sylvester twins. they were horrible, I hated them so much. They stole my stuff, put my P.E clothes in the out of order toilet, man they were the worst girls alive.

Anyway, every year we have a challenge, well I say challenge but it's more like a 'you die, we don't care' thing, everyone has to take part and people can take someone's place if they don't want them die. That's what my real mother did, she volunteered for my auntie, also known as her sister or Primrose, it was really brave but she had to do it, she couldn't let her sister die.

So, tomorrow is the opening ceremony for the Hunger Games and I am really scared. I walk up to the large silver fridge, take out a microwave meal and put it in the microwave then wait.

Once the meal had been eaten I clambered upstairs to find my 'mum' tidying her and my 'dad's' room.

"going to bed mum" I say to her.

"Okay" she says to me.

I wander into my bedroom and lie on the bed. 

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