Old Bully New Friend

Sophia was your average girl who is now off to college. But there are some memories that stick with her from high school. Especially Zayn. Yes he's famous now but that doesn't change a thing.


1. The backstory.

So I know you want to get on with the story but none of it will make sense

unless I give you the backstory. So my name is Sophia Darling. Yes, like the character from Peter Pan. 

So from my knowledge I was just a normal girl trying to get through a hell hole known as high school.

Whats a girls story about without a bully? It's unheard of. All girls at least have one bully that's persistent. Mine would be Zayn Malik. Mhm that's right the guy from the famous boy band One Erection- oh oops that's not right... The New Directions... No- that's Glee.

I know don't bite my head off. It's One Direction, I'm not that stupid. But back to me and my story.

I would go to school feeling somewhat good about myself knowing that I had my best friend

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