Old Bully New Friend

Sophia was your average girl who is now off to college. But there are some memories that stick with her from high school. Especially Zayn. Yes he's famous now but that doesn't change a thing.


2. Pardon- oh!

{A/n} So Im starting this right now and it's 2:16 AM so bear with me.





So as I said my name is Sophia. Im studying to be an actress for stage performing like musical theatre. Going to the U.N.I isn't very cheap. I have to work two jobs to help pay for what I owe each month. I'm a barista at a local café and work in an Italian restaurant as a waitress. Last night was a long night, I had to close. I nearly fell asleep on the tube home. 






So I had to close the restaurant last night and work the morning shift at the café. 

"Wake up Sophia you have to go to work!" Ashleigh my roommate shouts. 

"B-But.... it c-can't be.... just went to bed..." I reply sleepily.

I'm not a morning person it's just like Cock-a-doodle- DON'T MOTHER FUCKER!

I pull myself out of my warm blankets to my dresser and find a black v-neck and skinny jeans and put my apron on. I Dont have to take a shower since I took one last night after work. I look down at my phone to see the time, 

"Oh shit I have ten minutes to run to the café. I run as fast as I could without having anything fall or bounce.Well at least it was an attempt. I got there right on time but there was a familiar looking face looking through the glass door. 

"Pardon- Oh!" I stop myself before I embarrass myself too much. The dark haired young man chuckled and looks at me with a smile,
"You a fan love?" He asks. Wow he doesn't even remember me... Or what he put me through or our long friendship. 

"Doesn't open for twenty more minutes." I say quickly to the attractive boy known as Zayn before shutting myself into the café.

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