Old Bully New Friend

Sophia was your average girl who is now off to college. But there are some memories that stick with her from high school. Especially Zayn. Yes he's famous now but that doesn't change a thing.


3. Chai tea?

Oh god that was embarrassing. Really Sophia? He's super famous and I push past him saying 'It doesn't open for twenty minutes!' Maybe he's forgotten, maybe he doesn't remember and I'm just another face. But that feels worse. All those years of memories and fun, went to waste. I have up and put my phone in the stereo and started playing Ed Sheeran, my favorite singer. I still had to wipe down the counters, sweep, and make sure everything was ready for opening. I unlocked the door and wait for the people to come in, seeing Zayn there. Alright maybe he doesn't remember.... I keep telling myself over and over. I sit myself behind the counter and hum softly as I do my draft for an essay. "You have a beautiful voice love," Said a voice that belonged to Zayn, breaking me out of thought. "Oh erm, thanks... So what can I get for you today?" I ask in the required tone. "Hm. Get what you think would suit me." He replies. "How about a chai tea? I know you've always liked- Shit." My face feels hot and I duck my head hoping the boy doesn't notice my embarrassment. "You know that how? Erm do I know you?" Zayn asks confused. "Yeah quite well actually, Im Sophia, Sophia Darling. Pleasure seeing you again." I tell him faking a smile. I see his face change from confusion to a look of recognition and then a look of sadness. "Uh, yeah I'll just get my tea thanks and here I think it time we talk." He tells me with his very familiar voice and slips me a piece of paper with his number scrawled on it. "Yeah that would be nice. It's to go yeah?" She clarifies as she puts the tea kettle on. I know a tea kettle old school right? That's exactly what this café is, old school. Should I be happy that he's trying to reconnect with me? But what if he's just going to hurt me again like last time? I gave him his tea, "That will be {X amount} pounds." He hands me the exact amount "Have a nice day!" I say with a sickeningly sweet smile. For the next three hours I kept replaying what had happened with Zayn and all of the possibilities of what he would want to talk about.

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