Clouds (BoyxBoy)

Nicholas' mind is hazy. The constant stream of drugs going through his system is to blame, or so he says. And speaking of drugs, he's out of money. And Nicholas can't get his hourly fix without money to get drugs. So he does the only thing he knows to do, he gets a job. Selling his body.

So far so good for Nicholas. He's got plenty of money, plenty of drugs, and hot damn he loves the feel of dick up his ass. But...There's something bugging him...


2. Patience and Reward

Once they made it back to Nicholas' house, which didn't take very long seeing as Nicholas was very excited to see what the customer wanted to try on him, he went inside and straight to the bathroom. The customer came in the house behind him, shutting the door gently and going over to the couch. He sat and waited for Nicholas. He was patient.

Nicholas was, though it was unneeded for this particular customer's liking, trying to sober himself up. There was no way he was going to be able to get anything done if his mind was trying to process things in a slow way, which it usually did when he was high. He still hadn't fully recognized the way his stomach felt like it was doing flips. Was he nervous? Or was he just high enough to feel this way?

Feeling as if he was sobered up enough, Nicholas took a few deep breaths, which made his lungs burn from the extra air, and opened the bathroom door. He took one more deep breath before making his way to the living room, where the customer was. Nicholas bit his lip, and now he knew for sure that he was indeed nervous and that the drugs weren't actually getting to him as much as he had originally thought.

The customer looked over at Nicholas and smiled softly, patting the spot next to him. He had a loose grip on the plastic bag in his left hand, which only loosened a bit more when Nicholas, albeit timidly, walked over and sat next to him. It was silent for a few moments, the only sounds that could be heard were the customer's even breaths, Nicholas' not-so-even ones, and the mute sound of the air conditioner buzzing. When had he turned it on? Probably a few days ago. He often forgot to turn the damned thing on low, or off.

"Nicholas," The customer spoke, voice a bit more stern than it had been when they met on Nicholas' corner earlier. Nicholas' breathing slowed for a moment, and he tried to relax his nerves.

"Y-yes s-sir?"

"Do you remember the safe word I taught you a while back?" Sometimes, Nicholas felt as if this customer was more of a master rather than a nice hot guy paying a thousand bucks a fuck. And it excited him to no end.

"Y-yes sir." Nicholas spoke, this time not stuttering as badly. He wished he could learn to speak properly, but he didn't have time to take speech classes.

The customer grinned, showing his pearly white teeth. Nicholas felt like, if this guy ever decided he wanted to hurt him in any way, Nicholas wouldn't mind it at all. In fact, he'd welcome it. Honestly, Nicholas thought he sounded more and more like a girl everyday. But wasn't that how his customers liked it?

"And do you remember what I told you to call me when we get down to business?" Nicholas could feel his excitement building. The customer only asked these questions when there was going to be something extraordinary going on, and Nicholas just couldn't wait.

"Y-yes sir, c-c-can we get d-do-down to b-business now?!" He was impatient, and it would be the end of him one of these days.

The customer didn't seem to mind at all though, simply chuckling and tapping a tanned finger on his chin. "Hmm. Maybe." Maybe? That wasn't to Nicholas' standards. "If you behave. If not, you get punished"

Nicholas ran a hand through his curls, biting the inside of his cheek gently. The possibility of getting punished intrigued him, especially if it was from this customer. Christ, that sounded nice.

"Okay s-sir.." He said softly, trying to put as much innocence in his voice as possible. He even smiled a bit childishly. Nicholas got his desired reaction, the customer's jaw clenching as he stilled. Watching closely, carefully, Nicholas saw how his customer's fingers twitched. That was always a good sign when dealing with him.

"Damn it," The customer muttered. "Don't do that."

"D-do wh-what sir?" Nicholas forced himself not to smirk, trying to maintain this image. He liked how the customer grunted and narrowed his eyes at him accusingly.

The customer said nothing as he reached in the bag, keeping his eyes on Nicholas as he took out a pair of handcuffs. Nicholas' gaze immediately fell on them, and his breathing stopped for a moment.

Handcuffs were his ultimate kink.

Remembering how to inhale and exhale, Nicholas looked back up at his customer, blinking. The brown haired male in front of him smirked just slightly and Nicholas would never admit how much it turned him on.

"You want these on you, don't you Nicholas?" He asked, and Nicholas could only nod. "Use your words." What could he possibly say that wouldn't make him sound too desperate?

Nicholas settled on muttering a 'Yes sir' and shifting in his spot. The customer smiled, motioning for Nicholas to hold his wrists out, which he did without hesitation. 

The customer put the cuffs on the curly haired boy, making sure they were tight around his wrists. He earned a groan of approval when he tugged at them. He chuckled and stood. When Nicholas moved to stand also, he just pushed him down gently and made Nicholas lean back on the couch. 

Icy blue eyes watched carefully as the customer slowly slid down on his knees in front of Nicholas. He shuffled up a little until his face was between Nicholas' legs. Nicholas was biting his lip, and he could feel himself getting harder and harder by the second. 

The customer took his time, reaching up and unbuttoning Nicholas' shorts before pulling them down slowly. He didn't seem to mind Nicholas' growing erection until he pulled down his boxers. His dark brown eyes seemed to light up at the sight of Nicholas' member already flushed, hard, and leaking a bit of pre-cum. His gaze flickered up at Nicholas, who was looking away in embarrassment. He smirked before moving to take his member in his mouth.

Nicholas let out an embarrassing yelp when the customer wrapped his lips around his member. He couldn't stop himself from moaning, which he really didn't think he would be able to do anyway. The customer sucked and swirled his tongue around Nicholas' member. Nicholas resisted the urge to buck his hips up, and settled on letting out a stream of curses and slutty moans. 

The customer took Nicholas as far in as he could before he was actually deep throating him. He loved the sounds Nicholas made when he let his teeth graze over his member, whether accidentally or on purpose. It sounded amazing, and it would be even better when Nicholas came.

Just before Nicholas could cum, the customer pulled away. Nicholas let out a needy whine, trying to move his hands before remembering that the cuffs were on him. His whine turned into a moan as he tugged at the cuffs again. Sometimes, both Nicholas and the customer forgot just how much of a masochist he was. 

"I've got a little present for you Nicholas, and it's nice and big~" The customer purred, reaching into the bag again. Nicholas moaned when he saw what it was. It was a vibrator, and it was big. It wasn't as big as the customer's dick was, but Nicholas was sure it would fill him up almost right. 

Nicholas was going to say something, anything, but then the customer took out a bottle of lube also. He decided to shut up and take whatever was coming, knowing he'd love it. 

The customer stood once more and repositioned Nicholas on the couch so that he was laying down on his back. Nicholas closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths as the customer removed his pants and boxers and put them somewhere, he'd have to find them later. It was almost, almost, unexpected when Nicholas felt something cold on his entrance. A shiver ran up his body and he whined. It wasn't the customer's fingers, it was just lube. What was he doing?

There was a moment of silence before Nicholas felt something else on his entrance. It was big, and slightly warmer than the lubricant. Was that the vibrator? Was the customer really about to put it in him without any preparation? Wouldn't that hurt?

"This may be a bit painful Nicholas," The customer spoke, immediately starting to slowly insert the object into Nicholas' tight hole. Instead of pain, Nicholas felt nothing but pleasure, which caused him to let out a long, deep moan. "...Or not." The customer sounded a bit surprised, and Nicholas didn't dare open his eyes to see his expression.

Whimpering a little, Nicholas wiggled his hips slightly. "P-p-please m-mo-move it!" He almost demanded. Not even a few seconds later, the vibrator was moving.

In, out.

In, out.

Fuck, it felt so good.

Face flushed, Nicholas couldn't help but let out a series of loud moans. Just as he was about to catch his breath, the customer buried the vibrator deep within Nicholas and turned it on. 

Almost screaming in pleasure, Nicholas started to writhe. The customer watched him intensely, getting more and more turned on with every move Nicholas made. He started to move the toy again, earning the most beautiful sounds from the male he was using it on. God, Nicholas sounded like a fucking angel to him. He had to fuck him, he just had to.

Nicholas was so hard and turned on by the time the customer had, slowly, removed the toy from him that he didn't know if he wanted to beg for it back, or beg to get fucked. Luckily, the customer answered for him. 

Stripping down to nothing in record time, the customer pressed his member to Nicholas' entrance and pushed in without warning. He let out a groan, which was lower pitched than the moan Nicholas let out in the same moment. Even with the stretching from the toy, Nicholas was still tight and felt amazing. 

By this time, the handcuffs had started to really dig into Nicholas' wrists with the way he was pulling at them. For a brief moment, the customer had thought about taking them off of him, but abandoned that thought when he saw that Nicholas was actually enjoying it. 

Fucking Nicholas hard, without any set rhythm, which proved to have it perks immediately, the customer moaned loudly. He changed his angle just slightly, and hit Nicholas' prostate.

It was at that moment that Nicholas literally screamed in pleasure. The customer hit that spot again, loving to hear the boy beneath him cry out. It wasn't long before Nicholas came hard.

"J-JAMES!" Nicholas yelled when his orgasm hit. The customer, James, paused, his breath hitching. He watched as Nicholas rode out his orgasm, looking absolutely delicious. 

James came soon after, not really being able to hold out much longer with how tight Nicholas had gotten around him. He spilled his seed in the boy and let out a small sigh before he pulled out. Nicholas was panting heavily beneath him, groaning when he felt James' cum dripping out of him. 

James got an idea, smirking as he suddenly ducked his head down between Nicholas' legs. Nicholas didn't have time to question him before he felt James' tongue slide into his abused entrance. He made a chocked noise of pleasure, starting to get back hard again. 

James didn't stop until Nicholas had came for the second time that evening, withdrawing his tongue and sitting up. He smiled down at the spent boy under him, moving his hands up and taking the cuffs off of him. 

"Ah, look," He spoke, his voice a bit raspy. "Your nice little shirt has cum all over it. Messy, messy Nicholas." Nicholas could only whine. He was pretty sure he had lost his voice from all the screaming and moaning he had done. 

James licked his lips and leaned down, kissing Nicholas' cheek softly. "Is it alright if I stay the night tonight?" There was a pause, and another whine from Nicholas. "I have extra money, don't worry. I just want to wait and to see you fuck that pretty little hole of yours with the toy I got you~" He wasn't surprised at all when Nicholas nodded. 

This was going to be fun.

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