Clouds (BoyxBoy)

Nicholas' mind is hazy. The constant stream of drugs going through his system is to blame, or so he says. And speaking of drugs, he's out of money. And Nicholas can't get his hourly fix without money to get drugs. So he does the only thing he knows to do, he gets a job. Selling his body.

So far so good for Nicholas. He's got plenty of money, plenty of drugs, and hot damn he loves the feel of dick up his ass. But...There's something bugging him...


1. Feeling

"Oh f-fuck yes!" Nicholas moaned loudly, hissing in pleasure as his current customer tugged harshly on his dark blonde curls. Nicholas wasn't usually vocal at all, but if he was getting fucked hard enough, he'd moan and yell like there was no tomorrow.

"You like that, you little slut?" The male fucking him senseless asked, giving a particularly hard thrust. Nicholas gasped, most of his breath leaving him in that moment. He'd admit, he fucking loved it, but the customer was completely missing that special spot that would have Nicholas seeing stars and cumming within minutes. He had speed and force, but lacked precision. 

"Y-yes!" It took Nicholas a moment to answer, trying to catch his breath, but he couldn't. God, this sex was good, but not amazing. He just wished the customer would pay attention to Nicholas' reactions. He was enjoying it, but he wasn't really in it. 

There was a pause, a few curse words muttered, and then erratic thrusting. Telltale signs.

Of course, Nicholas thought, somewhat forcing another moan past his plump lips. He's going to cum without even getting me off. How rude. 

And sure enough, a few moments later, the customer had buried himself deep in Nicholas and came. Groaning, Nicholas felt so used, the feeling making him even harder, if possible. He wanted to feel used again, and again, but he knew it was over when the customer pulled out of him.

"Hah. Here's your money, whore." Nicholas felt something a bit heavy hit him in the back and then a mute little thump next to him. He licked his lips when he felt the bed shift, heard the rustling of clothes, and then the sound of his bedroom door opening and slamming shut. He flinched at the loud noise, cringing as he tried to move. Damn. That guy had fucked him sore. 

When he came to his senses, or what was left of them anyway, and caught his breath, Nicholas reached over and grabbed the money the customer had thrown at him. He counted it a bit contently, then cursed aloud. 

"F-fuck!" He hissed. "T-that ch-ch-cheapskate!" Three hundred. Only three fucking hundred! After all of that, and not getting off, that motherfucker only gave him three hundred bucks!

Nicholas decided that this was not enough money, and it definitely wasn't. He could barely pay the light bill with this, let alone pay that and rent and buy the cocaine he wanted to order from his usual dealer. He slowly rose, leaving the money on the bed, and made his way to the bathroom. 

His skin itched, but he didn't dare scratch it. It was a side-effect from not having meth in a while, and he knew not to feed into it and make it worse. He had to keep his appearance up if he wanted to keep making money. No one would want to fuck him if his skin was all messed up. 

Making it to the shower, Nicholas turned the water on and got in. God, he was so sore. It was mostly just his bottom half of his body, seeing as that guy had rammed into him pretty hard. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure if he was moaning from pleasure during the sex or if he was moaning because he had rehearsed moaning like a slut so much that he did it out of pure reflex, if it could be called that. 

Trying not to mull over it any longer than needed, Nicholas took his shower, washing as thoroughly as possible, and got out before drying off. With a sigh, he wrapped the towel around his waist and waddled out of the bathroom. He had to make a decision now.

Go out and make more money?
Or stay home and do it tomorrow?

He really needed the money, whether it was for drugs or bills. Tugging softly at his hair, which he did when either nervous or feeling conflicted, Nicholas went into his room, picked out a tight shirt and some shorts, which were also tight, and a pair of boxers. He stretched before getting dressed and changing the sheets on his bed. 

Going over to his dresser, he grabbed a can of Air-wick out of the top drawer and sprayed the room until it smelled like Lavender. Sometimes, Nicholas thought he could smell colors. But then he remembered he was just high and that he couldn't actually smell colors, which disappointed him a little. 

Pushing those random thoughts out of his mind, Nicholas put the air freshener back in his dresser and grabbed his shoes and a blunt that he had rolled some time earlier that day. He lit it, taking a long drag before blowing a cloud of white smoke. He put his shoes on, grabbed his house key, and got up. He took another drag, took a deep breath, and repeated the actions until he started feeling a slight burning sensation in his lungs. He coughed quite violently, but took another drag anyway. This time he exhaled instead of inhaled. 

He looked over at his clock, his icy blue eyes examining the numbers on there as he still coughed slightly. It was six PM, and that was his favorite time of day. It was at that time that one of his most prized customers would stand at his corner and wait for him to come around. Nicholas didn't know if he really liked him, or if it was just the fact that he was high every time he saw the male, but he did enjoy his company. 

They had sort of become...Friends? Sure, that could've been a word for it. Nicholas definitely liked the sex. Hell, it was the best sex of his life. Every. Single. Time. The customer was rough, but sweet at the same time. He knew how to do things to Nicholas' body that had the male's head swimming more than the best grade of cocaine. God, and that tongue. 

Nicholas shivered just thinking about it. He loved the feel of that customer's tongue on his body, licking and teasing him every where imaginable. It was fucking perfect. Absolutely stunning. And Nicholas always wanted more. And that's exactly what he got too.

When Nicholas would scream out in pure pleasure, the customer would only find more ways to blow his mind. Once, and Nicholas isn't particularly proud of this moment in his life, the customer had did something so incredibly electrifying that Nicholas came without being jerked off, sucked, or even fucked. It was embarrassing, but the satisfying look on the customers face was enough to make him instantly forget about his slip up. 

By the time it was ten past six, Nicholas had speed walked out of his house and finished his blunt, forgetting to lock the door in the process, and made it to his corner. And, sure enough, in all of his glory, there was the customer Nicholas wanted to see every day. 

With dark brown/black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes, the customer greeted Nicholas with a smile so sweet he thought he was going to get cavities from it. 

"Nicholas! My favorite person~!" The brown haired male said with a chuckle. Nicholas thought he was going to faint, or worse, cum right then and there in his pants. 

"H-hey." Nicholas spoke, stuttering as usual. "I-it's..I-it's um..N-N-N-- N-nice t-to see you.." He blushed when the slightly taller male in front of him laughed, patting him on the head.

"Such a cutie." He commented and Nicholas could've sworn he felt his face getting a bit hotter at that. He looked down, feeling shy. He always did in this customer's presence. 

"T-t-th-thank y-you." 

"Mm," He hummed, smiling. "Shall we head back to your place now? I have something new to try on you today." He jiggled plastic back that he was holding, and Nicholas hadn't noticed it until he heard the sound. 

His face went a bright red as he nodded. "Come o-on." He said quietly, turning at starting to walk back towards his house. The customer followed behind him, just as silent as he usually was. 

It bugged Nicholas, how he felt around this guy. It was strange, and sometimes annoying. It got in the way of his business. When he thought about this customer while he was with another, everything about the current customer he was getting fucked by seemed repulsive all of a sudden, and he was often not able to perform as well as he usually would. 

In short, he needed more drugs, to keep his mind off of things. 

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