I promise...

Kimberly is the type of girl to keep to herself and gets picked on easily which leads her to self harm and she's on edge of almost killing herself until some guy she meet on a web site makes her promise one thing for him... Will she keep that promise or will she break it...?


3. Who's There And Who's Not


I walked into the library and quickly went to the table I always sit at. I placed my bag on the chair next to me and grabbed books and put them on the other chairs. I sat down and opened my book. I did that so no one will sit next to me so they won't pick on me.

The bell rings and everyone starts forming in. I sat there looking at everyone and I pulled out my head phones. I put them in my ears and played Pierce The Veil. I watched as Sarah and her boyfriend or more like her boy toy, Rider walks in the library together. Sarah looks around and her eyes met mine. She smiled with a devilish smile.

I looked away and buried my head in the book I was reading. I peaked over my book and saw her walking my way. I went down and began to read, minding my own business.  Then a hand smacked my book down into the table. I sat there looking at it. I didn't bother looking up because I already knew who did it. Then my head phones were taking off and thrown on the floor.

"Did you hear me head giver?" Sarah's voice boomed at me.

I sat there not looking at her and holding onto the sleeves to my sweater.

"God I can't believe I was ever friends with someone like you," She said and it was like dagger going into my heart.

"Sarah leave her alone," I heard another voice said.

I finally looked up and I see Bailey standing there in a teal outfit and Sarah in a pink outfit. Bailey and Sarah use to be my best friends until the rumors. Sarah turned around and stabbed me in the back. Bailey hasn't done nothing yet just making Sarah stop before she goes to far.

Sarah's outfit:

Bailey's outfit:

"Eh whatever," Sarah said walking away and going to her boy toy.

I watched her walk away and then I put my eyes back on my head phones. Bailey sighed and picked them up.

"Don't let what Sarah say get to you," She said giving the head phones back,"All she does is open her mouth and doesn't shut up."

"Yea," I said taking the head phones.

"Well I guess I'll see you," She said and walked away to a table with a girl and a guy I didn't know.

I sighed and put my head phones in. I guess time to let the hell to begin...

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