I promise...

Kimberly is the type of girl to keep to herself and gets picked on easily which leads her to self harm and she's on edge of almost killing herself until some guy she meet on a web site makes her promise one thing for him... Will she keep that promise or will she break it...?


12. Tricking Me Again


I ran away as Toby looked into the mirror to see what i did to him. I crawled into my bed and hid under the covers laughing to myself. I put his blonde hair up into a ponytail making him look like  the little baby that had orange hair name pebbles. His face had pink eye shadow, winged eyeliner, blush and pink lip gloss. 

"KIMMY! OH GOD I LOOK!" Toby yelled getting up," I LOOK SO SEXY!"

"WHAT!?!?" I asked as I got out from hiding. 

There was Toby looking at me, grinning. I fell into his trap like always. 

"Got you!" He said and he tackled me on the bed.

"Stop tricking me!" I said flicking his forehead.

"Its fun tricking you," He laughed and laid next to me,"Plus it's kind of cute."

I felt my face heat up and found myself blushing at what Toby said. I hid my face with my hands and went into Toby's chest.

"what's wrong?" He asked chuckling a bit.

"I'm not cute so sh," I said in his chest.

"yes you are," He said putting his arms around me.

His warmth made my cold body became warm and he felt soft. I blushed even more when he pulled me closer.
"Nooo prove it," I said looking up at him.

"You're beautiful Kimmy the way you are," he said looking into my eyes," Your eyes are amazing to stare at and your smile just makes me want to smile... Its the only reason I try so hard to make you laugh and smile is because I grew to love it... I grew to love everything about you... In only a few months of knowing you I felt like we knew each other longer and every time i spent with you or talk to you was another good day for me."

He put one hand softly on my cheek and looked at me again smiling.

"I am happy I met you on Meetme," he smiled and leaned down.

My heart pounded inside my chest until Toby's lips met mine. The kiss was soft like he didn't want to hurt me or something. He pulled away and looked at me smiling.

"Is that proof enough?" He smirked.

"Ohh yea...," I said blushing deep red.

"So cute," he said hugging me tighter and he kissed the top of my forehead.

"Lets watch a movie!" I said pulling out of his grip.

"What kind?" He laughed as I almost fell out of my bed.

"A scary kind!" I smiled at him.

"The marked ones?" He asked looking at me.

"Have you seen that one?" I asked walking to my door.

"Yes I have actually," He laughed and followed me downstairs.

"Hmmm it didn't really scare me until the ending," I said sitting on the sofa.

"I don't get scared with scary movies," He laughed and sat by me,"But that means I can cuddle you when you're scared."

"Oh how nice but I don't get scared easy...," I said blushing,"Unless there are dolls in it... I hate dolls like they are so weird!" 

"I'm not gonna lie they do scare me sometimes," He laughed,"Ohh have you seen Dead Silence?"

"Yes and no...," I said looking at him," I only saw the beginning when i was younger... Scared the crap out of me." 

"Lets watch it!" He smiled," It will be good c'mon."

"Noooo what if Billy gets me," I said hiding my face in his chest.

"Don't worry I'll just get a match and light him on fire if he goes by you," He said getting up and looking for the movie.

"You would do that?" I asked.

"Of course." He smiled and put the movie in," Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know," I said putting my legs on the sofa with me.

Toby laughed and sat by me, putting his arms around me. He pulled me closer and I laid my head on his chest. We sat there watching the movie as Toby's arms were around me the whole time.


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