I promise...

Kimberly is the type of girl to keep to herself and gets picked on easily which leads her to self harm and she's on edge of almost killing herself until some guy she meet on a web site makes her promise one thing for him... Will she keep that promise or will she break it...?


5. I'm Happy For Once


"Go to bed you have school!" October said while laying in his bed with his batman pjs on.

"But I'm not sleepy!" I said and then I yawned,"Shit..."

"Not sleepy my ass," He laughed and covered himself,"Go to bed Kimmy."

"But I don't want to say bye," I said laying in my bed with my covers on me already.

"Okie we'll leave skype on but go to sleep," he said,"There will be no saying good bye."

"Yaay!" I said and then I yawned again,"Oh hey Toby."

"Hmmm?" He said and his eyes were closed.

"Tell me a bedtime story," I laughed a little.

"Oh geez Kimberly!" He said opening his eyes,"How old are you?"

"I'm 17 but take away the 1 and I'm 7!!" I laughed a little.

"Smart," He laughed," Okie I'll tell you a bedtime story."

"Yaay!" I said getting comfortable in my bed.

"Let me think umm,"He said tapping his chin with his pointer finger,"Okie so once there was a wonderful girl who just started a website called 'meetme'. Guys thought she was pretty but she didn't think she was. One day she got a message from an amazballs person. His name was OctoberLeAmazBalls and of course he was amazballs! They talked and skyped and he always promise the girl he will message her after school. He did and they skyped until 11 something at night. The girl didn't want to go to sleep because she'll have to say good bye to OctoberLeAmazBalls. So he made a deal to leave skype on while they sleep. She then made him tell her a story which is right now... I hope you are sleeping Kimberly!"

I let out a laugh and smiled at him. He just told me the story how we met. I smiled even bigger and I think I might even blushed a bit.

"Why aren't you sleeping I told you a story," He said with a smile.

"Because it was to amazballs to fall asleep and not hear the ending." I laughed.

"So true," He laughed," Anyways I'm off to bed but skype will be on. Night Kimmy and have sweet dreams."

"Good night OctoberLeAmazBalls!" I said and laid my head on my pillow.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep really fast. Plus I had a smile on my face thanks to October.

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