I promise...

Kimberly is the type of girl to keep to herself and gets picked on easily which leads her to self harm and she's on edge of almost killing herself until some guy she meet on a web site makes her promise one thing for him... Will she keep that promise or will she break it...?


11. Fooling Around


I woke to someone snoring loudly in my ear. I looked up and saw Toby knocked out still hugging me tightly. I smiled and poked his face with my pointer finger. He twitched a bit and snored again. I laughed and flicked his forehead like how i wake up my little brother.

"Oww!" Toby said rubbing his head," Is that how you wake people when you're by them?" 

"Yea I do," I laughed and looked at him," You were snoring so it kind of woke me up." 

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep and snore like that," He laughed," But I don't snore in my sleep."

"Yes you do!" I said and thought," Unless you were faking it!" 

"Bingo!" He said and got up and ran to the kitchen.

"Come back here so I can hit you!" I yelled as I ran after him.

"No that's why I kind of ran away from you the first place," he laughed on the other side of the table.

"c'mon I want a hug," I said moving to him and he moves away.

"Nope I know that trick already," He laughed lightly.

"Damn... How about this," I said running to him.

He ran around the table as I ran after him. I ran and then cut short to turn around to run after him the other direction but I fell back. 

"Oh shit!" Toby said running to me," Are you alright?" 

"Maybe," I said as Toby helped me to my feet,"Thanks." 

"No probl-" he was cut off as I flicked his head again,"Owww!"

"I got you," I smiled.

"Okie my turn!" He said and picked me up.

"Toby put me down!" I laughed as he walked to the sofa.

"Alright!" He said and laid me down on the sofa.

He pinned me down and looked me in the eyes. I blushed lightly as I saw how close our faces were. I didn't know what he was gonna do or when because all he was doing was staring into my eyes.

"I win," he said lightly and I felt his hands on my tummy.

"NO!" I yelled as he began to tickle me,"Stop Toby!"

I laughed as he tickled me more. I heard him laugh himself as he tickled me. I laughed and felt my face turning red.

"Toby stop!" I said in between laughs.

"Fine tomato head," He laughed and sat up.

I took in deep breathes and looked at him. I kicked him lightly and sticked out my tongue.

"You could of killed me!" I said looking at him.

"But I didn't," He said with a smile,"Plus I was going to stop anyways."

"Mhmm sure you were," I laughed and got up,"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know...," He said," How about you?"

"Ohhh!" I said smiling," Can I do your nails and makeup?"

"gahhh I did say if you smile, right?" He said looking away smiling," I guess you can."

"Woo! Lets go to my room then," I said running up the stairs and making sure he followed me.

"Why did I make this deal," he said sitting on my bed as I look for the perfect colors for him.

"Because you love me," I said pulling out a pink nail polish and eye shadows,"Close your eyes I want this to be a surprise!"

"Do I have too?" He asked," I'm a bit scared now..."

"Don't be you'll look pretty when I'm done with you." I laughed a little. 

"Okie they're closed... I'm scared still," He said shutting his eyes tightly.

"Don't close them that tight! I can't put eye shadow on you like that!" I said going to him.

"Fine," He said and his eyes became calm but still were closed.

I began putting eye shadow on him and eyeliner. I did a little blush and added a heart on his cheek. I tried so hard not to laugh as I did my work. I spent at least 30 minutes on Toby and I didn't laugh one bit.


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