I promise...

Kimberly is the type of girl to keep to herself and gets picked on easily which leads her to self harm and she's on edge of almost killing herself until some guy she meet on a web site makes her promise one thing for him... Will she keep that promise or will she break it...?


2. Every Morning

  April 11

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I yawned and got off my old beat up bed. I walked to my closet with one of my eyes closed. I opened the door and pulled out a gray sweater. I slipped it on over the tank top I had on. I pulled out a pair of beat up dark jeans and put them on. Yes I sleep in my underwear and a tank top because I really don't have pjs.

I put on my black sneakers and walked over to the bathroom. I washed my face, teeth and did my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and into my brother's room. I pulled his sheets off and flicked him on his head.

"Wake up you little brat," I said,"Time to get ready for school."

"Why are you waking me up?" He asked still in his bed," You hate school more than me but you get ready for it anyways."

"You have to pass high school to get a good job," I said," Its my last year anyways and its your first so get up!"

"Its the middle of the year," He said,"Never was happy to go to school never will be."

"Whatever," I said walking out the door," Just get ready!"

I heard him get out of his bed and get ready. Mom is at work and doesn't get home until around night fall. I take care of my little brother Julian most of the time. I walked downstairs and started making pancakes. I made sure I put slices of apple in them like how our dad use to make them before he left us.

I placed Julian's plate on the tablet where he sits and I sat down next to it with my plate. I started to eat my pancakes when I see Julian coming down the stairs with everything but pants on.

"Julian you forgot something," I said pointing at him and trying not to laugh.

"Fuckk!" He said running back upstairs.

I let out a laugh and finished my pancakes. Julian came down a few minutes later and ate his pancakes in no time. I grabbed the keys to the extra car that we have and we made our way to it. I started the car and drove us to school. I parked by a tree far in the back of the parking lot.

"See you tonight at 5 for dinner," I told Julian as we both walked our separate ways.

"Yea yea bye Kim," He ran off to go meet up with his friends like always.

I walked inside of school and made my way to the library. My first period is study hall which is held in the library. Lucky me I love reading and looking things up. Bad thing is the person that loves to pick on me is in the same class...

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